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Tower of unlife

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Author Comments


  • Added force control to the jump, hold space to jump higher.
  • Changed some checkpoints that where too dangerous.
  • Now the tower tilts back to 0 when you die, so you won't slide to the side while respawning anymore.

An Action Platformer where you have to climb the furthest you can in a tower that is kind of…. Unstable.

Time your Jumps, dodge from Saws and overcome the biggest challenge of climbing in dangerous platforms while a tower is Moving.


  • 28 Floors
  • 3 different stages
  • Hardcore, one checkpoint per stage
  • Nice SFX
  • Cozy pixel art

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bruh the jump delay is like half a second i'd like to know why it happened and also the camera keeps moving when i touch by accident when jumping then i fell down to my death also you should make it so that you get a heart everytime you get a checkpoint

The delay on the jump is what gets me killed, mostly. The camera moving upwards to the next checkpoint is sudden. I'm still a couple blocks horizontally away the checkpoint, I jump up to it's level, the offscreen of death rushes up to me and I may or may not lose a heart because of it. I guess it is very generous. Getting to the next checkpoint and all. But at the cost of a heart?

good concept need some work tho the checkpoints arent safe if u spawn and the tower is leaning u instantly go off the edge which means u lose lives for no reasons

bigasdev responds:

Thanks! we`ll be updating the version 1.01 today with this fixed!

Really love this concept. My only complaint is that some of the checkpoints have such a small platform that if the tower is significantly tilted when you die you'll immediately be dumped off and die again, creating an unavoidable 2-heart loss. I would recommend either having the tower straighten out on death or widen the platforms for checkpoints, because otherwise it's fantastic.

bigasdev responds:

Thanks! And yeah, we didn't have time (because it was done for a jam) to really check all of the checkpoints cameras precisely so this was definitely an issue, we are working in a patch for this!

The leaning tower concept is neat idea to incorporate the momentum for jumping. There is a lot of good challenge here for players who want to tackle this tower.

However, for such a long climb I think some more control for the jumps would help players better handle the momentum. Maybe small and big jumps to depending on the key push could help with giving the player more control.

I tried, but the game is a little too brutal for me. I can tell that this is a very well made game though.

bigasdev responds:

Thanks! We thought the jumps really made it harder than it should, we are looking to create a patch for this soon! :D

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2021
5:15 PM EDT