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Stick it to the man! 25 Points

Beat Beff Jezos once and for all

Troposphere 5 Points

You've reached the Troposphere

Stratosphere 5 Points

You've reached the Stratosphere

Mesosphere 10 Points

You've reached the Mesosphere

Kármán Line 25 Points

You've crossed the Kármán line

Deep Space 50 Points

You've hopped all the way into deep space

Author Comments

Made in less than 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49 (Game Page)

AstroJump is a casual platformer where you play as an astronaut who tries to jumps his way into space in the hopes of beating a multi-billionaire on his expensive rocket.

(Mobile Friendly) This game includes proprietary touch controls for mobile users.

How to play

You climb by slamming into falling space debris.

Get to 100,000 meters to win the game!

You can switch between mouse and keyboard controls on the main menu.

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the 200km medal should most definitely be removed. on that note, the entire game after reaching the spaceship should be reworked, if not removed completely as well.

disclaimer: my pc is bad, like real bad; it's so bad most action games become literally unplayable because they run at a snails' pace, with lots of delay.
in this case, it actually works in my favor because i'm somehow still able to play, except the entire game is in ultra slow mode, meaning i have 10 times the intended time to react to platforms, and then some. i'm basically cheating.
this is to say, the issues i'm encountering are not due to a skill issue.

starting from 120km platforms become more scarce. you'd think it's intended to increase the difficulty (which is the case, but not at soon as that), except some of them are so far apart you physically can't make the jump from one platform to the next.
also if you're unlucky enough to get platforms on opposite sides of the screen twice in a row, you're also doomed because they're unreactable due to the momentum of the character (although this is not a bug, it's pretty unfair. not an issue with slow pc but i figured i'd mention it anyway)

turns out some platforms are entirely invisible, or at least that is my assumption because i'd sometimes bash into the void and be propelled upward anyway: this is bad for 2 different reasons.
- while the game assumes there are enough platforms to jump on, you can't see them, meaning you're more often than not left with no platforms to work with, and the only thing you can do is bash down and hope you hit something;
- sometimes you plan to hit a platform far below the screen, but you accidentally hit an invisible one that was inbetween. this means you are suddenly propelled upward with a different timing than expected, leaving you with much less time to react to the next set of platforms (coupled with character's momentum, this is a run killer). this makes the game difficult to react to even while it's insanely slowed down, so i can't imagine how worse it would be if the game were to be running normally.

not exactly related to the bugs themselves, but i barely made it to 200km, except i got unlucky with invisible platforms and fell. the height counter also got reduced as i was falling and i ended up barely short of 200, meaning i didn't make it for the achievement. it may be a good idea for the height counter to only be able to increase, or for it to hold onto the highest point reached while ascending, to avoid situations like these.

the issue with invisible platforms is only speculation on my part, meaning it's entirely possible that it's actually platforms not spawning as needed, or the character being able to bash into empty space sometimes, which would make it an even worse situation.

the base game is challenging enough on its own and it works perfectly fine as-is.
it's a solid game, so it's saddening that it's brought down so much by post-game bugs.

What's next? Beating Melon Eusk to mars?

Been playing this game for about two hours, only to find that there are no platforms at 166km in the air, making reaching 200km impossible. :-(

A shame, because I was quite enjoying the challenge of it, up until discovering it is unwinnable. (I also replayed it, and it wasn't a one-off)

iHardScore responds:

That's odd, I can't replicate this bug on my machine.
It would be awesome if you could help us diagnose it in DMs.

last medals dont work :s

iHardScore responds:

I'll make sure to fix that. Let me know what issue you are having.

1. Lower the screen, I had to ctrl- 3 times before being able to see the whole stage,
2. It reminds me of this game: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/640146 but this one had much more features. Maybe you could get inspired by it?

iHardScore responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

1. Just changed the embed size to 75% the original, so now it should fit any screen :)

2. Since it was made for a game jam, The game definitely doesn't have as much content as we had originally planned. But we will definitely use that game for inspiration for a post-jam update.

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2021
5:52 PM EDT
  • HaxeFlixel