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Spirits of Carter Mansion

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Playing around with your friends on your street, you've accidentally kicked your favourite ball into the upper most window of an abandoned mansion.

Are you brave enough to venture inside and rescue the ball, and escape to safety?

Or will you become one of the Spirits of Carter Mansion?


Navigate the mansion fearfully and often with your hands covering your eyes, and solve puzzles, find your ball, rescue your new bestfriend (A cute cat), and uncover the spooky mysterious of the haunted mansions past.

Struggling? Come and join our Discord community to ask other people who are trying to figure it out:  https://discord.gg/wNaAT6DWuj



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Dumb. The hand over your face should disappear with in the first few seconds, and there should some clue to help you figure out what you should be doing. Mindless guessing isn't fun. Use your head and make a puzzle that players actually want to solve.

CutlassBoardgames responds:

There's actually heaps of clues, and story content in the game. You've got to go through and lose a few times to find where the tools are that help you win :)

Yeah, the hand covering your view device doesn't help the game. Annoying.

The game crashed on me. I think it was just after seeing the ball - https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4e57accdffed8132f5d2307615439e9b

The idea is good, and it looks great. However, it's a little flawed.
1. When returning to a room, the text is displayed again
2. Directions are available to click even if you can't actually go that direction

EDIT: WOW. So I tried to give some useful feedback, and you made out that the player is somehow the problem.

I'd like to add:
3. The cat can be found repeatedly
4. Issues 1 & 2 are your issues, not the players
5. Does the covering of the eyes actually add any meaningful mechanic to the game?
6. A map should be uncovered as you navigate

CutlassBoardgames responds:

Game crash has already been fixed!

1. It means you have to be efficient.
and; 2. It means you have to explore and find out the shape of your house yourself!

Responding to your edit:
That's not at all what I was saying. You have to be efficient because you have 20 steps before you run out of bravery, So learning the pathing is part of the game. If the direction buttons aren't there when you encounter a place you can't travel to, you don't get to discover the odd shape of the house yourself, and you can't differentiate between a wall, a bridge, or a locked door. Both things are intentional.

3. Is something I'm fixing right now, thanks for pointing that one out.
5. is supposed to an immersive device. Either you're looking where you're going and you're losing bravery, or you're not looking and lost, but safe.
6. This is something that I did for the previous game, but I felt that map making for this would be less immersive as you don't go in with paper and crayons or whatever. Instead there's a compass that can help you navigate.

Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2021
6:48 AM EDT