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Spooky Music Machine

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Use touch for best results!

Just in time for Halloween, now you can make your own haunting tunes on the Spooky Music Machine, a digital theremin! Record your work to share later, maybe here on Newgrounds perhaps? Enjoy!

How to Use:

  • The On/Off Switch turns the Machine "on" and "off".
  • Use the Sliders to select the frequency range.
  • The Touch Plate is used to select the volume and pitch. On Mobile, touch the plate to create sounds. On Desktop, move the mouse pointer on the plate to create sounds. If you move your finger or the mouse very quickly, you can make it warble!
  • Press the ⏺ Record Button to start recording. To stop recording, press it again.
  • Press the ▶️ Play Button to play back the last recording.
  • The 📥 Save Button will save the last recording to your device.
  • Finally, the 🔲 Fullscreen Button will fullscreen the Machine.


Programmer: harry_lime

Design/Artist: Kittyhawk

Fonts Used: Compagnon, CabinSketch, Imperator

Switch Sound: Flipping Old Light Switch 2 Sound Effect Free High Quality Sound FX

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Very cool Theremin emulation! It's a bit hard to get a vibrato going with a mouse on a desktop system, though - could you perhaps make it a bit more sensitive in that axis? Either that, or offer an "auto-vibrato" momentary keyswitch option? Thanks for putting it online!

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

Ah, thanks for playing! Having that button/keyswitch is a good idea. We've actually thought of that for the "pro version", so great minds think alike!

It's a really neat time waster, most I can think of is maybe add a few more functions? It's fun to mess around with :)

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

Thanks! We are thinking of adding more features, yeah. :D


KittyhawkMontrose responds:


On desktop so not sure if you can have multitouch, but being able to add tracks and layer them would be awesome. What about automating or programming tracks?

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

There's no multitouch, but that's a good idea about layering or automating tracks. Maybe for a V2.

yes! this is awesome!
reminds me of my old & busted theremin

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

A theremin is exactly what we were going for. Glad you enjoyed it!