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RUN HANK RUN 2.0 [Beta]

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Author Comments

In this game you play as Hankerchief himself. Hankerchief is on a mission to do some things, play to find out!

This game is still Beta so if you find any glitches, please report.


Good luck and...... Happy Madness Day! :D

Update: Fixed the problem of the Mag Agent Training Area and added a easter egg that is whats coming to the 3.0 update. Just not so big and little giltchy y'know

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Good game tho. It needs some improvements on mechanics and art but I heard those are coming on the 3.0 upd and I'm pretty glad. I can't pass beast tricky btw. what do I do???

ThunderStGrounds responds:

Don't worry about beast tricky, that's just to show what's coming to the 3.0 version. Talking about tricky, if you haven't, you can maybe play Tricky's Cooking Show.

Playing it again, I can see you unlocked the Mag Agent easter egg and added an easter egg with MC7 Tricky but here's a few things I think you could do to improve the game.

- Improve level design so everything isnt so close together. doesnt feel very platformy when you're basically taking a hop and a skip

-Have the camera follow Hank when he goes out of bounds vertically (like jumping above the fixed screen

-Perhaps give the Agents with guns the ability to shoot and maybe give Hank some attacks to throw knives or reflect shots with a sword like MC4, this would give this otherwise basic platformer some Madness feel

-Add powerups like Mario's mushroom where you can take an extra hit or add an HP bar

-Make certain enemies like the Mag Agents take more than 1 hit to kill and actually try to hit you

-I know pixel art isnt your forte as you said but perhaps add more elements to the background art, I can deal with the character sprites because they look like what they're suppose to.

ThunderStGrounds responds:

Ok so, 2 of these are coming in the 3.0 update, let me tell you which:
The camera following thing is going to be added.
And to improve the level design(I sorta planned this before)

What you, yes you! Gave me the idea to make is:
Add more elements to the background
The more hits thing
And to improve the level design(again I sorta planned this before)

The thing about the powerups was going to be added in the first ever game but.... I suck at programming so that's why I chose using GDevelop and I don't know how to do that in platforming so uhhh yeah.

(I might put you in the credits lol)
Also background easter egg hint: QUACK QUACK

This cool but the i jump with space it scrolls to the bottom and i have to scroll everytime i jump

ThunderStGrounds responds:

this problem will be fixed in the 3.0, for you will be able to fullscreen

It's not that bad but you can't get past the mag agents training area

ThunderStGrounds responds:

Don't worry, I fixed it, I was in a hurry the day it was released so I couldn't concentrate that moment.
I found out the glitch, thanks for telling the glitch.
Also, has anyone found the 2 secrets?


ThunderStGrounds responds:

What isn't working?

Credits & Info

2.11 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2021
7:51 PM EDT