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June Mejos and the Moonlit Curse

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Author Comments

High school student by day, defender of the city by night. Magical Girl June Mejos is on her routine patrol of Basin Lake City, cleansing Nightmares that lurk in the shadows. Without warning, a strange power takes hold… Nightmares begin to swarm, the moon gives off an eerie light, and a strange temple appears floating in the sky.

As this curse blankets Basin Lake City, June realizes tonight will be anything but routine…

This is V2-1, featuring updates including Gamepad support, Easy and Hardmode, and the extra B-Side mode!

For more adventures in Basin Lake City, check out my profile and follow me here on NewGrounds! More games coming soon!

Controls (Keyboard/Mouse or Gamepad):

  • [AWSD], [ARROW KEYS], [D-Pad], or [Left Analog] to move in 4 directions
  • [LEFT MOUSE], [N] or [Gamepad A] to shoot
  • [E], [B] or [Gamepad B] to advance text
  • [RIGHT MOUSE], [M], or [Gamepad X] for Power Attack (CAMILLA ONLY)

Collect [POWER UPS] to swap between 5 different weapons, and increase attack size, power, and a protective shield!

Getting hit [RESETS] your weapon, and decreases [POWER UPS] by 1. Each level of [SHIELD] will protect from both damage and the [RESET] effect. On [EASY MODE], you will retain your weapon on hit, but [POWER UPS] will still decrease.

Art, Game Design, Scenario, and Program by ShibeyFaceGames!

Music and Sound Design by Facemelting Solos!


B-Side Update Trailer:

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This was a really fun one, thanks for making it! The gameplay and sprites are a highlight here. The B-side is pretty tough, haven't beaten it, but I could see myself coming back to it if I'm in the mood for a challenge. Also, just curious, who voices June? I like the way she says "rocket shot!"

ShibeyFaceGames responds:

Thanks so much for playing more of my games! I'll be the first to admit the B-Side is pretty hard, but that was the intent hehe. I might have gone overboard though, I only know of one person besides myself who's completed it. The key to beating the B-sides (especially the bosses) is to really focus on keeping your health up. During bosses this is usually by carefully sniping the smaller extra enemies.

The SFX and music were all created by Facemelting Solos! His info is in the author comments and in-game credits. His partner did all the voice quips in this game, as well as in "A Change of Heart."


ShibeyFaceGames responds:

Thanks for playing! :)

Genuinely good game just needs to be sized better!

ShibeyFaceGames responds:

Thanks so much! If you press "U" at anytime while playing, it'll go into fullscreen mode. (Though I'm not sure if that'd make it better or worse for you.)

I gotta say, thank you for putting checkpoints before the bosses. You probably already know how grating it gets to have to go through the whole stage again just to get to the part where you lost.

ShibeyFaceGames responds:

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you found the checkpoints helpful... I agree that it could be pretty frustrating without them.

cute art and fun to play!!

ShibeyFaceGames responds:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2021
1:23 AM EDT
  • Photoshop
  • Piskel
  • Construct 3