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Farm Defense

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Lol, I stopped playing at less than 1000 points, and let it run in the background. I ended up with 3130 points

also you cap out at 99 milk

So after getting a score of 1548, I can't say this is too good. Potential is there but there are some quality of life things needed such as: the ability to remove or sell towers, upgrade towers, a manual for how the units work, and most importantly a bit of story as for why we're defending the town from so many devious monsters. But for those that want to beat my score here's how the units work.

Cow: produce 1 milk each round which is needed to buy chicks, Chicken, Pig, and Goat. The most you'll need are 3, any more than that and it would be somewhat excessive at this point. Make sure to pick up the milk after they eat the grass. Cost 2 Milk.
Chicks: They are fast pellet shooters, good for the slimes and fast damage, not too great against orcs/ogres or Skeletons since they move so quickly. You'll need at least 4 to progress past the first few wavs. Cost: 1 Milk
Chickens: The stronger version of Chicks, shoot just as fast and hit hard, no notable downsides outside the price. Cost: 2 Milk
Pigs: They hit about as much as Chickens though they cause a slow effect to the enemies, pretty good against skeletons but not Orcs/Ogres as they're already slow enough as is. Granted they are not easy to save for in early rounds. Cost 3 Milk.
Goat: The best unit with the highest damage and slowest hits. They nearly 1-shot Skeletons and Slimes. They deal a hefty damage to the Orc/Ogres. The only downside is the time needed to invest into them but are worth while for the high score. I ended up with at least 4 while the rest were chickens and chicks with a few pigs and any far spots cow since they don't do much. I ended up with 68 Milk before perishing.

If you expand on this I look forward to seeing it.

Nice game.

this is awesome

Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2021
5:05 PM EDT