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Author Comments

awake, asleep, alone.

no matter where i am.

a ghost, a name.

i want to live.

i am denied.


Original cartridge by articution: https://famicase.com/21/softs/239.html

(Changing the text size doesn't work on web and I don't know why. Just pretend it does.)

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So many things not to like about this game. First, player size is way way to big. How do you know if it is too big? Does it extend past the Newgrounds background? If so it is too big. Second the text is too small. I should be able to see the whole screen and read the whole screen. Not possible here, so I stay zoomed in and scroll around. Next, introducing the game only using sound, if there was any important information in there I didn't hear it because I only turned on the sound after waiting and nothing seeming to be happening. Just in time to hear the garbled disclaimer at the end (which you subtitled... so useful.. not). I assume there was important information in the intro because I didn't have a clue what the chatbot was talking about with echo vs the player (nicely responding with information that I don't posses). Hard to immerse in a game that apparently wants a certain amount of player immersion when there is nothing add to that. Additionally, after the intro the sound has zero point. WTF, seriously? I feel like the background sound was supposed to be atmospheric, if you were going for making the player mute the tab, well done. Politics, tossing politics into the game from the start lost me instantly and tainted the remainder of my play through. Next, data entry (more on that later), but ya really gotta erase everything we had input previously? The only thing I enjoy more than a game that makes me enter useless data is a game that makes me re-enter everything from scratch if I don't type it correctly. I mean you don't get more fun than that. That the reaction of the chatbot is nothing but negative if you don't play into it's game is actually kinda sad. Why would I have any interest in appeasing something introduced to me as chatbot? Especially a rude and ignorant one. Just not good.

Finally.. and I mean this in the most helpful way possible. Your game is far too boring to make me want to continue playing it. The chat isn't interesting enough (especially not one sentence at at time) in either a positive or negative way to even remotely justify manual data entry. Seriously data entry? I get the feeling your goal was to make some point about society, won't go into my opinions on that, but suffice to say repetitive manual data entry in a game is a bad and boring thing. And that is literally 90% of the game play. The chatbot itself is incredibly ignorant (as most chatbots are, but this has programmed responses which falls on the dev). I was actually glad when I got it to go away, but then what very little give a crap I had for data entry was gone, effectively ending the rather boring and pointless game.

You know what is more depressing and sad than working a low paying data entry job? Playing a game that simulates a low paying data entry job.. except no pay.. and less payoff.. ... I respect people who take shit jobs, i have worked my share hated the jobs but valued every penny I earned. Every job exists for a reason (in this case apparently they can't afford a decent scanner). Some people are just happy to beg for a handout, expect someone else to take care of it, or refuse to work a sucky job even if it is the only thing they are qualified for or can find because they view it as beneath them. And I have no respect for that.

Edit: I saw your response to brainwashed. People play games for a variety of reasons. We may be wasting our time playing your game due to lack of benefit, but the games I enjoy playing I derive benefit from. Be it relaxation or excitement, or yes, even passing time. Enjoyment is not more a waste with a game than it is with music or hiking or anything else you enjoy.

le epic big smart time: "get a life loser"
get it? you're wasting time, go do something! get it?? i am very smart.
also, what the hell is chrypcegi?

89o responds:

You don't realize how clever game design that is? You're wasting your time just like Echo is, thus you feel how he feels. The message is as much to the protagonist as to the player.
"Chrypcęgi" is a portmanteau of the words "chrypa" and "obcęgi". It doesn't mean anything.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2021
4:16 PM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Paint.net
  • Godot Engine
  • Live 11