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Shape Warrior

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Author Comments


This is considered as an 0.9 alpha version. Meaning that things are about to change and there may be some undiscovered or machine specific issues. Any feedback is welcome. I will keep it updated here with some more visible changes within next few weeks.

About the game

You control the shape and fight with enemies. You must be fast to react on time, disable or destroy them to survive as long as possible. Try to capture enemy triangles by intercepting them by shape's core. Each hit on shape's rim take you closer to loosing the game.

Music & SFX

All music and SFX are licensed from Artlist


Move - Arrow keys

Rotate left - Z

Rotate right - C

Shoot (ammo needed) - Space

Pause / unpause - Esc

Pick menu item - Left mouse button

Future: I am aware not everybody like Z & C for rotation. There will be an option to choose other keys in the future.

Know issues

The UI aspect of the game is currently limited to just a few buttons and pausing. No settings, difficulty levels etc. I plan to improve that aspect over time.

I had one report of game fully not loading in Firefox, Ubuntu. It was working in Chrome on the same machine.

It is a bit too hard to capture enemies in some cases as 1o r 2 pixels on border can decide and it is hard to be that precise. It is planned to be improved in next release.

Not everybody like mouse cursor hiding and locking in-browser. Not yet decided about it, but I am aware of this case.

Plans for future and improvements

Any feedback is welcome. I will take it for consideration though cannot promise any specific changes or features at the moment.

Please check my profile to see more of what I do or contact me.

The game also has Windows and Mac versions not available on Newgrounds and Linux as well as mobile versions are planned too.

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It's an awesome game! The music is bangin', and it's pretty challenging :D

HybridLizard responds:

Thanks Mickey! It may only be better with time... I hope so ;-)

Capturing the enemies is, indeed, rather difficult. But I see this will be touched on in the future. But I like what you were trying to do here. The presentation is nice as well! A lot of things I would suggest are already stated in your description so no need to go over it (Such as changing the controls). Overall, it's a pretty nice shooter!

HybridLizard responds:

Thanks for stopping by, checking the game, leaving the comment and even reading some plans for future!

I hope to make at least a small update soon, similarly the second devlog video where I will cover more stuff.

Seems alright. The graphics are simple and dont hurt the eyes much. Sounds and music are nice. I think making the rotation speed of the shield change over time is unnecessary as it makes it kinda annoying and hard to line it up precisely, especially with the currently incredibly strict hit detection (though i read that you will try to fix it). Addind a short tutorial or at least a few instructions when you start would be quite helful as the on the first time i had absolutely no idea what to do while being completely destroyed from every angle. Maybe making the difficulty gradually ramp up would be helpful, like in the beginning the enemies move slowly and theres not many of them but after some time it ramps up to how it is currently (or maybe even harder). Turning the hit count into a healhpoints count would be good as its a bit weird, its easier to just see how many hits you got left instead of seeing how many times you have been hit already. Potentially adding a few extra effects for capturing enemies or shooting out the bullets so they dont just dissapear/appear out of nowhere. Potentially some sort of rewards for capturing a lot of enemies in a row without being hit would be fun, though thats not super necessary. Overall its pretty nice, good luck!

HybridLizard responds:

Thank you for checking the game and leaving a pretty detailed comment!

To put it shortly pretty much everything you mentioned is already planned to be taken care in one way or another. There will be more features too overall. The plan is to release updates in batches. It just takes time.

I made a one devlog video (for already a bit outdated version) and the next one is planned. I am thinking also about a way to present some know issues, and planned features in a better form than a huge wall of text. For now Discord is the place to go for more interested people.

pretty fun but damn is it hard at least for me

HybridLizard responds:

Thanks a lot for checking it out and leaving a comment!

I plan to release some controls improvements as well as make collision detection not as tight. There are also plans to have difficulty levels. The idea is to be by design a bit hard and intense though.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2021
12:11 PM EDT