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Super Mario Blitz

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This is a Flash music video thing I made a few months ago after hearing Super Mario Bros Dirty Mix on Overclocked Remix. The little kid that pops up is a scary picture of my little brother. I can't think of more to type. You either get it or you don't. Have fun either way.

Note: it's not over until you see Lou Albano's head.

The Story Behind The Song:
The song was passed through several different musicians to be cut up and altered. It started off as a "Big Band" version of the Mario theme. Then Steve of A Scholar & A Physician mangled it. Then Oli of ASAP mangled it. Then Martin Binfield (http://www.abandonedsheep.com/) mangled it. And that's how it became so crazy.

The Story Behind The Movie:
I heard the song and wanted to make a video to go along with it.

Overclocked Remix: http://remix.overclocked.org

Live performance of Super Mario Blitz:

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I liked how they showed Mario from other generations.


lol :D

I have no idea what I just watched but I liked it.

how it feels to chew five gum