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Hell Fight

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New Challenger 5 Points

Beat the first level.

Beat Broyon 10 Points

Beat Broyon, the first boss in this game.

Beat Hell Fighter 25 Points

Beat Hell Fighter, the second boss.

End Game 100 Points

Beat level 25.

Tank 10 Points

Get 100 Hit Points.

Starburst Stream 25 Points

Get 200 max stamina.

ComboMaster 100 Points

Do 15 combo.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


A game included both my very favorite genre: rogue-like and souls-like with a twist.

Make sure you challenge the online leaderboard top!

This game is still in active development process and still can be very adjustable about everything. So please tell me your thoughts about the game, feedback and suggestion will be applied almost immediately! 

The only bad thing about often update is, the leaderboard will probably get reset after some updates to be fair.

Follow me and expect constant update of this game until it's final release.

iu_414690_9779122.gifHellFight [BETA] by Mary (itch.io)

iu_414691_9779122.gif Mary - itch.io

iu_414689_9779122.gifMary (@Weng46464654646) / Twitter

iu_414692_9779122.gif Paku#6976


VERSION 1.1.2BETA(September 15th 2021)

1.1.2 is mainly a bug fix and balancing patch.

Player character changes:
・Stamina now stop for a bit before it start regenerating.
・Stamina cost now scale with attack damage.
・Player can now jump higher despite having low stamina.

Enemy changes:
・Enemy hp bar have longer up time.
・Spear-man have lower base damage 12 > 9
・Adjust Broyon(Level10 boss) attack's damage timing.
more predictable with its animation.
・Kobold spearman don't go offscreen anymore.
・Lightning Lash no longer castable on air.
・5, 15 , 25 level have no time limit now.
・Introduce new enemy type = CatKnight
・Fixed skelly boi have a small animation glitch when it try to turn.

Powerup changes:
・Survivor will reset after each boss fight. (It will be an available powerup again)
・Max damage powerup now have high chance to roll higher number.
・Break-fall consume significantly lower stamina.
・Dash cooldown roll higher number.
・Introduce new powerup: Recover

Other changes:
・Anti-cheat implementation. (I notice there were some cheater in the leaderboard)
・Localization implemented. (Supported language: English, Chinese S/T, Japanese) DM me if you feel like to contribute for a new language.
・Full gamepad support (Xbox controller tested)

Explaining some confusing concept about the game: (Please help me if you have an idea about how can I explain it easier)

  • Dash-Attack (Attack at the middle of dash)


  • Bonus: Lightning Lash upgrade


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I like this new update a lot, it helps with the balance and I was finally able to get past level 15. Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to save progress anymore, so every time I re-load the game I'm starting from scratch, which definitely impacts my willingness to replay.

salve is c

pretty fun and challenging

I dont know how to use the salve, but very fun game, keep it up!

Many thanks for the game MaryPaku. Keep up the good work.

Bugs so far:
- Cheating the leaderboards with absurd, unreachable levels or speedruns (fixed, thanks!)
- Examining status when dead will freeze the game with a dead MC and force the player to reload the game
- MC can go offscreen and get stuck there, potentially breaking the game even if enemies do reach her

- Boosts still are a bit too random with just three options but this has already been commented on, there's also nothing another run won't fix!

Medal persistence:
- Potential issue for users who wiped their medals: The boss ones will have to be obtained again as the check is only done once if I'm not mistaken, not on every session medal check.
- Glitched music track name: Encountered on level 50. I don't have hardware audio support so I'm not sure which track actually plays if any at all.
- Schrödinger's Challenger: A dead MC sprite may appear on the floor while she is actually alive. I've been trying to reproduce this one.
- Unnamed powerups: May very rarely happen if the game fails to load the floor.
- Unity zero division in database: This will freeze the game and may actually wipe the database as well. Trying to reproduce, happened twice so far with one full wipe.

@JoseNt: Random damage is the minimum-maximum damage variation from your base, fixed min-max damage. 6 random damage would be about +3 average. In terms of stamina consumption, you have to choose what favors your current build to survive and/or go faster (and as DMG2000 said, you have to get more stamina). Crits and specials will also affect this.

@ManExtreme2k2: If you have to restart from scratch, your local data isn't being saved to your device. Make sure you have third-party cookies enabled and check your local data folder. It is also recommended to backup your local storage every now and then as everything is stored locally, not server side (which is why you have the option to reset it manually). To avoid bloat, don't backup the prefetched assets for quicker loading on next startup, just the actual unity user file database.

(If the review is treated as spam by the system again, I'll just remove it, apologies.)

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2021
9:11 PM EDT
Misc. Kit
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