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This is a tiny HTML5 game I wrote which pays homage to Apple's iOS 6 Linen, the Wii HBC banner, and an interactive shape screensaver for Macs that featured random shapes. The expanding and shrinking shapes are in a similar motion to Apple's power LED cycling. It's simple but compelling, and it's great for calming down and fidgeting.

Keep in mind that its file size is measured in kilobytes (~8KiB uncompressed. Newgrounds's HTML5 games are uploaded as zips. The zip I uploaded is 3199 bytes. However that's not technically the smallest it can get. When I made it, Chrome and Opera Presto supported SVGZ loading without the aid of a server. In SVGZ the game is 3081 bytes, and that version can be found here: https://stgiga.sourceforge.io/nanoscopic.svgz in mind that the old Github Pages-hosted link doesn't serve it in the right way for current Chrome and Opera, plus Firefox and Safari. However things like Apache and httpd can serve SVGZ as if it were server-gzipped SVG, and that will work on current Chrome and Opera, plus Firefox and Safari. Depending on certain things you might need to add or edit a line in your server's configuration file to utilize this. Also you may have to do Save Link As on the link to save it to your machine so you can then throw it in that environment.) This game downloads in around less than half a second on 56K dialup, and it was made according to demoscene spirit. For those impressed with this, I say thanks. 2023 Update: I got it to 3081 bytes AND got it on a webhost that serves it right!


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Not a bad game. It is what you would expect.

stgiga responds:

Thanks! The game's size is definitely compact, so you are right.

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2.47 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2021
3:21 PM EDT
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