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Author Comments

This Is a Game that I have been working on in the background since December of last year!!!

Play on itch.io:


By KrispyKrunch/ FaceOs (my old name)


Mouse movement and left click control practically all game

Space cut messages of information on game open


Not want to reveal about the game, and I hope you do not put in the comments, as this is spoiler =/

But do not forget to comment what you think, it helps me get better and better! and I do not have to thank you for the great support they gave me all this time!...

the game has more than 50Mb, it gave me some problems when sending due to being a little big ... but I did it! : D

Thanks for waiting

from time to time I will later add new arts of the game, but you can too!

if you want to have your art in the gallery of the game, just post a link in the comments that have the image may be a link to a remix, I will analyze the category of the image and it can be unlocked with "Scraps"


like having my name in game?

just make a comment, at some point I will apply it to the game, do not rush!

For finish:

That is, I hope all you enjoy! and if they want to help me, can click love-it. and if you really like the project, add to favorites!. a big hug to all! and all the best always! even more!

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fun little game, varied and good use of mouse controlls, varied areas, bit of a disapointing ending and no indication if collecting scrap has a point or not, so not full score.

Omg those eyes, so cute!!

Very well put together. The cutscenes sometimes lagged a bit and the gameplay was minimalistic to say the least. But the game had a real spirit and soul and that's soooo hard to achieve. Congratulations! You should be proud of this!

First thing, the art is just WOW, absolutely incredible, I would kill to have this sort of talent. Animations for the most part look fluid, and the cutscenes function well.
There isn't really much story to be seen at the start, but it's ok since it's so short and has a fun ending which I really loved. Sometimes controls were janky, but I never encountered any bugs in my playthrough, the entire game is quite well polished, especially the art like I already mentioned.

Any sort of bad controls I think can be forgiven because it is made in Scratch, and that's another thing this game was made in Scratch? SCRATCH?!?!?!? That is insane! I never could have comprehended this level of quality coming of out Scratch games, I almost always dismiss the site as being a fun little place where kids make their first crappy games, but this is something else entirely.

Honestly, the only advice that I can give is to keep going, keep pushing yourself and learning new things in making games. Also probably move off of scratch onto any other advanced engine, you can get a lot more bang out of something other than scratch, I'm sure you're already familiar with the bigger beginner engines like Gamemaker Studio 2 and Unity. Another word of advice is to try and not bury yourself in something super ambitious at first. As amazing as this game is, I feel like you might learn a lot more doing smaller projects for a month or two and then jumping over to another great idea rather than dedicating 9 months to one project, but that's just an idea, if you like working on games for months and months an that works well for you just keep doing it. Finally, great game!!!

It's an interesting idea. However, the controls are very laggy and some parts were confusing on how to progress. The gameplay mechanics feel disjointed from one stage to the next adding to the confusion.
Some of the cutscenes seemed longer than necessary and with no option to skip makes trying to replay to unlock more art seem more trouble than it's worth especially since there's no scrap counter.
Would love to see you build upon the concept and refine some of the mechanics.


dad, why is everything so .. so ... blac...

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2021
9:59 PM EDT