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Louie Loudmouth

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Right Mouse Click - or - Z

A short platformer made for the list jam featuring:

  • Four stunning levels!!!
  • Eye-popping graphics!!!
  • Ear-popping music!!!
  • absolutely zero thirsty pigs!!!

-------------------Version 1.1---------------------

  • fixed major collision bugs
  • decreased difficulty
  • smaller hitboxes on enemies and spikes
  • No more infinite cloud spam :'(
  • gave a pig a glass of water

Play as Louie Loudmouth, a smart talking, sharp dressing, speech bubble.

use your words, literally, to platform your way to the end of each level!

List items chosen:

-all of the sound effects are written text (like in old silent films)

-the visuals are monochromic

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Amazing artistic look, reminding me of 1930's look. That, in it self is not a rip of cuphead, yet, spins the look on it's head. Good Soundtrack, yet the game was a tad easy for me, there should be a cool down on the "bounce" ability as it allows you to skip more danger (ESPECIALLY ON THE LAST LEVEL) Overall great (short) game!

i like the artstyle, some of the levels in this game are hard but its an alright game


The good:
- The player sprites and tilesets are very nice and all pop out, very nice contrast of value! This must have taken you guys a while to make, so great effort doing all this :)

The could be improved:
- The "YER OUTTA HERE" death message is annoying, just respawn me in the level already!!

- The camera should move IN FRONT of where the player is moving, not lag behind, I get that you're going for smooth looking camera movement but you need to make it move towards the player's movement direction as well in some form to offset the slow lerp speed - perhaps look at a tutorial for extended cameras? I'm not too sure

- The level design is really unforgiving. Level 2 almost immediately starts with a cliff jump that spans almost as high as the player character can jump, which makes it annoyingly precise until you get used to the player's jump momentum and walk speed, and on top of this the platform you're trying to reach is occupied by an enemy. I haven't actually been able to conquer the jump after this, my guess is you're supposed to use the enemy knockback to launch you higher than you can jump onto the platform, but again, way too precise.

Overall I reckon this game is pretty good and you guys have put in a great effort! Mainly I'd say the level design needs a fair bit of adjusting. If I had to dig a little deeper into the core concept of the game, I have to ask, why is a walking speech bubble in what seems like a kaizo platformer where he has to dodge spikes and avoid enemies, rather than in a game where his loudmouthed-ness is some sort of gimmick? I think one of the other comments suggested a way to attack enemies, perhaps he could shout at them? Lol I'm not sure. Great job so far! :D

EDIT: I'm literally stupid. I didn't even realize you could right click to shout. Beat the game, much better having this ability. One last nitpick, I reckon you could give Louie more I-frames. Great job

dude, i hate games that are tring to be hard cause of bad physics