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OviVixen: Newgrounds Edition 1.0

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Bun in the Oven! 5 Points

Lay a 600pt Dormant Egg

Eggs shall remain Unscrambled! 5 Points

Beat a level without having one Dormant Egg broken.

District 1 Cleared! 10 Points

Why, he wasn't so bad, was he?

District 2 Cleared! 25 Points

A little late to the party, huh, you big oaf?

District 3 Cleared! 25 Points

Almost dodged a bullet, right there!.. Or more appropriately, a pickaxe!

District 4 Cleared! 50 Points

Wow! That wasn't supposed to happen!

District 5 Cleared! 50 Points

Aww... How optimistic...

Author Comments


UPDATE (2/18/24): Finally implemented Medals!!

UPDATE (3/12/22): Newgrounds Scoreboard finally enabled!

UPDATE (03/01/22): Added Level Music!

UPDATE (12/11/21): Key Input Options Available! Left-Click on the Title Screen to access the Menu.

Use the mouse to click on a input you want to change. Press the preferred key on the highlighted input to set key. Continue until all preferred inputs are set, and click on CONFIRM.

Dev Note (9/3/21): API integration is currently in hiatus.


Gamepad | Keyboard

Left/Right | [A][D] : Walk

Up/Down | [W][S] : Climb Ladder

Fire 1 | [L] : Jump / Confirm

Fire 2 | [< ,] : Lay Dormant Egg (Must lay 3 to win)

Fire 3 | [> .] : Lay Attack Egg

[ [ ] and [ ] ] : Volume Control


A lost fox sprite stumbles upon a ruinous domain after hearing what she assumes were screams in distress. Witnessing a familiar foe who now leads a group of rabbit subordinates and refers to himself as "BigNu", she decides to take action without any haste! Take over the domain by laying 3 dormant eggs across each of the 15 buildings that are divided by 5 districts. To defend yourself and your resting eggs, you might have to lay an attack egg instead: which rolls down and knocks out any hostiles in its path. See if you can get to the Crimson Palace and find out who's really running this place!

Developer Note

This is an optimized version of OviVixen Arcade which was released on Itch and GameJolt on Aug 31, 2019. This was initially meant to help support the July Game Jam last month, but was unfortunately never meant to be. While the "2nd Player option" has been disabled for this version, there are major improvements that will eventually transfer over to the standalone version as a patch. Sound issues that remained in the 0.2.5 release has been fixed for this version: but be sure to have your volume set to at least 50% just in case. What will remain exclusive to Newgrounds is obviously the Medals and Leaderboard (Which is currently unavailable until I get the API to work with the game). Be sure to inform me of any bugs that may show up here, and I'll try my very best to fix it!

🥚Thank you!🥚

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whoa I did not expect to shit out an egg

I've actually played this in an arcade a couple of times. good game! however every time I play it a bunch of old men come up and try to feed me copious amounts of food and rub my belly :( .....NOT COOL!

This feels more like a 1985 game on the famicom than 1995.

And that's about the last complaint I have about this game. The rest?

Sprite art: FANTASTIC. Really captured the feel of those 8-bit games.

Music: Some tracks are a bit repetitive, but that's EXACTLY the sort of thing I'd expect from games of that era.

Gameplay: I was going to say that the keyboard config was a bit unorthodox, but FORGET that, ingame control changes! What a GAME CHANGER! [snerk]. It's a nice option to have when the game offers a surprising level of challenges. Sometimes the game's random item generation gives you a great advantage. Other times the game leaves you on a stalemate due to the slow speed of the player's movement and the way the enemies move.

Overall 5/5 "You're pretty good!" [ocelot pose]

OviManic responds:

The year is based on the birth of Newgrounds rather than the hypothetical birth of the arcade game.
But thank you for the praise and critique! If you want to see more of these characters, there is a demo for the sequel of the game that I would argue is substantially better than this one! OviVixen Master, it’s on my page if you’re curious.

Nice game here

First of all I love the color element on this one and it has some fun elements and good use of controls and just a fun game Now this is a A cool game here A nice game you have here I have come across some nice games here is a unique and unique a fun and unique game you have created here, for us all to enjoy so nice efforts And for sure hope to see more games like this in the future


I think this and eggs are gorgeously amazing!

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2021
4:12 PM EDT