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Ann, an art student finds herself trapped in the school when she accidentally broke one of the school's rules. With the help of the school's security guard, help Ann navigate her way out and uncover the secrets of the school before she becomes a permanent resident of the school.


Since the game is made in RPGmaker and it's loading as you play the game (Which cause lots of loading screen and audio lag) I recommend downloading the game for better gameplay experience on:

Steam or Itch.io

(Windows only, for mac users, Newgrounds is the only place where you can play the game)



Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

And if you want to support me:



  • If the game is not working or it's showing an error message, update your browser or try using a different browser. Also may not run well if you are using any windows lower than windows 10. If the problem still persist, try the Steam Version (Links above)

  • If this is your first time playing the game, you may experience audio desync or slow loading time, don't worry about it as it's just the game downloading the assets as you play. Or if you want better gameplay experience just download the game on Steam or Itch.io, links above.

  • If you found any glitches or bugs please do tell me in the comment section.

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Aaaahhhhh! Why'd I have to put off playing the full version of this for so long?!! It was one of the best RPG horrors I've played... the ending made me cry so hard...!!

This game is really good! I could really see the Ib influence throughout haha. I know it's inspired by corpse party too but I never played that game so idk. The writing and characters are great! only issue for me is the controls being kinda janky so I had to keep replaying the chase scenes over and over and over.... but that's to be expected from an rpg maker game lol

There's a good bit of story behind this game, and it's not too hard to remember. For a horror game, it's not even that creepy/scary. One of my top 3 favorite Newgrounds games.

I loved this game, I haven't played it here on NG yet, but I've played it on Steam.

I remember when I first went on Newgrounds, I was shocked to see this on here since I didn't know this could run RPGMaker since I didn't know how great the player is on running things like Unity, RPGMaker and Ren'py. Anyway, the game is also great, the puzzles are interesting and Security is the best character.

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2021
5:56 AM EDT
  • RPG Maker