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Crystal Hunt

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Author Comments


( This is a Demo Version, Full Version will be released soon! )

Please leave a feedback or rating and comment your thoughts and what to fix/add

Download it on itch:


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Listen dude I know its your first game and all but the game is not fun, shooting is slow, delayed and not fun. Jumping is all over the place and not consistent, sometimes you jump to the moon sometimes you barley get off the floor, which makes it difficult to play and enjoy the game. My final gripe with this game is that all the sprites in the game are asset bought, characters, props, and enemies are in varying styles and it makes the game look childish. I'm not saying this to hurt your feelings, I want to see you improve and become a better game dev.

Game doesn't take focus so pressing space (in my case) makes the page scroll as do the arrow keys. You need to be aware of this if you are going to use space + arrows or ctrl or alt for that matter. The best thing to do is either offer multiple key layouts (or let the user configure them). And of course have the game take focus. Can't play as is.

k7games responds:

The game should be played in fullscreen or downloaded, you can play it on itch. I just published it here to get more exposure.

Movement seems off, shooting is delayed, and after hitting a jump plunger all subsequent jumps are huge. Is that intentional? There's a big turning arrow circled in the middle of the screen that never goes away. Too often those huge jumps make it impossible to see where you'll land and you die... in fact, most of the time you can't see what's ahead or below. One particularly long section doesn't appear to have any checkpoints, so a fail means grinding through... again. Overall it's attractive enough, but feels unfinished.

k7games responds:

Yeah its just a prototype /demo Its like sharing a work in progress to get feedback. Thanks for commenting your thoughts :)

It's ok, but there are some glaring things that seem like they should be modified:
- the long delay between pressing space and firing might have been an intentional design choice, but I can pretty much guarantee that most gamers would hate it and want to have their character feel responsive and easily controlled, with the challenge coming from tough enemies instead of tough controls
- jumping height on non-bouncy platforms is bouncy? maybe it was because I hit a spring earlier and a variable didn't get cleared to say I'm not on a spring any more now?
- falling is fast and camera tracking is slow so you can literally fall off the bottom of the camera view while still being in play
- it seems like you can control the character by mousing over the control symbols, and yet the mouse is hidden?
- springs don't work correctly if you jump up and land on the spring

k7games responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback I am working on fixing the bugs and making new levels and bosses.

Awesome art style, should be really cool when its done. Really buggy though, even for a demo this could've had just a bit more time in the oven. Some bugs that kinda bothered me were the wall clipping ones when you jump and that the flies aren't at the character's height so you can't shoot them standing plus when you jump, your window to hit them is incredibly small.

One interesting bug I found is that if you jump on a spring (instead of walking into it, which works as intended), you go right through it and it sometimes makes you next jump extra high even if you don't jump off the spring.

Anyway, keep it up.

k7games responds:

Thanks for the feedback I am working on fixing the bugs and making new levels and bosses.

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2021
2:20 PM EDT