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Author Comments

This is a short 2 player co-op game with a few different styles of gameplay. It revolves around two raccoons trying to escape from a lab/prison.

This game was made as part of my MSc project. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and may be included anonymously as part of my dissertation.

Please let me know what you enjoyed and what you didn't, along with any suggestions for what could be improved.

Thanks so much if you played my game and especially if you left feedback.

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I enjoyed the game, but the controls were not so good... First, rather than adding controls to the pause menu (which I didn't even know there was one until I read your comments to other reviews) add a straight up intro screen or tutorial type pop ups. Also don't just show the controls also say what they do. Second, these control schemes are just bad.. WASD and arrows, that is fine.. shift and space for actions.. that is fine. What is the point of having B, V (which your V doesn't look like a V, I had to spam keys to figure out what it was), period, and question mark? Keep it simple, especially when you know most people are probably going to be two handing this because multiplayer on a single keyboard just sucks. What control scheme would I suggest? Why thank you for asking. WASD for movement and jumping (W, you don't use it otherwise in side scrolling sections) and E for actions and to advance text. SImple 5 button scheme. For player 2 the same deal, arrows for movement and jumping (up of course being to jump) and either number pad 0 or shift for actions and to advance text. Don't change controls up for no reason, that is not only silly, but also annoying. I don't mind the small running mini-games aside from that controlling 2 characters made it difficult to keep in sync and thus win the minigame. Though the FOV in the chase minigame really should have been further it made avoiding obstacles practically impossible. I also didn't like that it suddenly became a competition during the minigames.. The DDR style minigame was pointless. Not just because I hate those, but also because there wasn't any rhythm to it, the key assignments made no sense to me, and again pretty much impossible to play single player with any kind of accuracy. Not to mention it didn't fit with the feel of the rest of the game at all. Why put gamepad assignments on something like that when everything else is set up for keyboard? It makes zero sense, that minigame should really be scrapped (IMHO).

I did like the game for the greater part, i feel it could have benefited from more puzzles, being longer, and having a better control scheme. The puzzles that were in the game were very simple and didn't take advantage of the using two characters with the exception of the initial button puzzle.

fenr97 responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! Your controls suggestions are very good thank you. As for the buttons in the DDR bit being xbox buttons, this is because the game was originally for gamepads and later changed to keyboard to be published here. I felt the keyboard sprites looked too dull to put in the DDR mini-game but of course I see your point, it is odd. Thanks again, I'm glad you enjoyed some of it.

It really needs instructions, specifically how to make the brown 'coon use actions when escaping the very first room (I was able to cheeze the first level with just one 'coon pressing both buttons by moving fast and spamming space), even if it's just a brief overlay at the very beginning showing which buttons are used to control the 'coons. And the game freezes if you press Escape and choose Quit to try to go back to the main menu and see if there were instructions that you overlooked earlier.

fenr97 responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I have added controls to the pause menu and changed the quit button to go back to the main menu.

I couldn't play that far since I don't have anyone else to play with and coordinating different actions between my two hands is not possible!

Seems pretty interesting, and the raccoons are cute. I had no idea which keys did anything, though. I had to hit every key to find out which keys move each character (not too difficult), and then again to find out that "space" is the action key for one of them and "shift" is the action key for the other. Might be worthwhile to have some indication of the keys somehwere.

fenr97 responds:

Thanks so much, I have added something to show the controls in the pause menu now. I also made it a little easier to get past the first level by yourself, that's where I have trouble.

Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2021
10:57 AM EDT