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Daxolissian System: Mech Squad

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Author Comments

Controls are explained in-game. If you need a refresher because they're as complicated as brain surgery:

  • ESDF (not WASD): movement
  • Shift: run
  • Mouse: rotation
  • LMB: hold to shoot
  • RMB: hold for fine rotation
  • Numbers: switch weapon
  • P: Pause menu

  • ZXCV: select / deselect a mech
  • A: select All mechs
  • Q: Quit selecting any mechs
  • G: Go
  • T: aTtack
  • R: Rally at the core
  • W: folloW
  • Space: control selected mech

If it's too hard, you can change the difficulty in the Pause screen. Or git gud and beat it for real.

Getting the minimap to work was a huge pain so if you have any comments about it looking shoddy then keep 'em to yourself or I'ma get rid of the minimap entirely and laff when your mechs get blown up by ambushes :p

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Interesting ideas ! I like the idea of having pawns you can control via orders, or via direct control. They serve as extra lives too, it's versatile !
The story is interesting too. For me it was what made me want to progress further into the game.
However it's a bit hard to control, physically. I kept pressing on the wrong buttons to select a specific bot. I think selecting bots via scroll wheel would nice, unless you plan to add more weapons per bot.
For the map, i like the aesthetic, but i recommend adding more landmarks to the scene. Even with the minimap, it's hard to determine where you want to go.
And finally, a bit of a nitpick, but it would be a nice if enemies made a sound and flash when they're getting impacted bu a bullet. Satisfying feedbacks, ya know.

More serious problems :
Snipers are busted. Sometimes they wouldn't shoot until they were facing me, and sometimes they would just instantly snipe as soon as they could, TF2 spinbot style.
And my aim was slowly paning to the left, so I constantly had to readjust my aim.

3p0ch responds:

Thanks for the review! The thing about panning to the left is due to an update in Firefox that happened after this game was published -- for some reason now in Firefox if your browser zoom is exactly 100% and the mouse is captured it'll do that, but if you adjust the browser's zoom up or down even one notch or if you use a different browser then that should fix it. In my games since then, I've added code to let the player know if that starts happening and how to fix it.

The bots that roam around until they see you should only see you if you're within 45 degrees of forward and will shoot if you're within that cone of vision. But they do turn around if you start shooting them and occasionally turn around on their own.

And enemies flashing red when they get hit is one of the things I changed in Daxolissian System: Quad. It has gamepad support too -- I'm not sure if the gamepad layout I used in Quad was optimal since selecting and commanding squad-mates is complex no matter how you slice it, but since it uses a Gamepad Mapper tool you can just lie when you're doing the mapping if you don't like the layout.

This is one of the best games I've played on newgrounds, controls are a bit hard to understand and the levels themselves are hard asf but I really like it. I wanna see more games like this on this site

3p0ch responds:

Thanks, I was puzzled by the game getting a 2.9 tbh but I'm glad some people are digging it!
And I've posted some more Daxolissian System games on NewGrounds :)


great dungeon crawler, digging the pseudo 3D effects


Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2021
10:38 PM EDT
  • Blender
  • Godot Engine
  • LMMS
  • Gimp
  • LabChirp