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Tribute to Getter Robo

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Author Comments

Dedicated to my hero, Go Nagai, one of the most underrated animators of all time. Getter Robo is one of the best anime titles out there in my opinion. Heck, I think any Newgrounds member would like it. Therefore, I made this special tribute to Getter Robo to give you guys a taste of the series.

This took me a good long week to make so please watch the entire movie before writing a review.

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oh my god

same movements, same timing!
exept that some movements are not there, this is awesome!


I don't get all the praise. All you did was poorly trace the opening to Getter Robo Armageddon! Points for effort, I guess.

man that was brilliant

really good tribute i might just watch it


man this is one hell of a tribute

nice job!

very sweet

very nice dude, your art style is very nice and it's just like the second opening to getter robo armageddon, just wished they didn't cancle the DVD release for the original getter robo, oh last thing how did you find MP3s of both opening songs? I've looked everywhere and haven't found anything