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Just Dig Down

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A game I made forĀ LOWREZJAM.

Your task is to reach to the bottom and defeat the 'King Slime' (really original ik). The screen will move down over time, and you'll continously take damage if you don't stay in the screen, so make sure to dig down once in a while.


  • Arrows for movement
  • 'S' to shoot
  • 'D' to dig
  • Space to jump


  • You earn xp when you kill enemies. Once you reach enough xp, you'll level up and have to pick a class to continue
  • Your jump is 2 block high. So if you miss any health pick up, try to find a way back to reach it.
  • Enemies will get stronger the deeper you go, and you also have a time limit before the screen consume you. So try to balance the time you spend farming xp and digging down.

For some reason it lags a little bit at the start of the game, so please spare me on that one

Hope you have a great time playing

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It seems like a well put together game but for some reason the keyboard would not activate with the game, and only posed to move the screen up and down. However the graphics are nice, and if I was able to play it I would say it seemed really good.

its okay i guess? could be improved though

oh yeah also replaying it does not seem to work so you just have to refresh the page to play
so try to fix that

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2021
6:48 AM EDT