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41 Days - Minimalist Pandemic Simulator

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Author Comments

41 Days is a minimalist pandemic simulation game. Players are challenged to draw quarantine lines to stop the contagious virus outbreak. This game is hard, but so is managing a real pandemic. When the virus is out of control, it's time to draw the line!

Key Features

  • 6 zones with unique pandemic scenarios
  • quick and intense gameplay sessions
  • intuitive gameplay - draw lines to contain the spread
  • minimalist visual and audio design
  • pandemic graphs for each session

My biggest inspiration during development were people that fail to follow simple rules (like don't go out if you're exposed to the virus). I wanted to transfer that frustration to the game so there are actually NPCs who don't follow the rules of the game.

About the Game

Development originally started in February 2020 during the first lockdown. I'll let you take a guess where the inspiration came from :)

The game was released in August 2020 on Google Play and has been in constant development since then. The current version is 1.67.

About GameHugger

Solo indie developer focused on building small but unique games. My minimalist approach to games is a foundation for quality and respect for the audience.

If you enjoy 41 Days, also check my other game, currently only Google Play: May's Journal of Time Travels

Contact me via Website •  Twitter •  Discord •  Facebook

Stay safe,

♥ GameHugger

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First I will give my advices in gameplay for whoever is struggling with the game:
1) On the first map, when you placing the line the game slowdown, use that at your favor, place some lines even before the first patient zero on chocke points
2) Remember that big lines get easy overrun by the dots and should be used only as temporary support your smaller lines, if possible a smaller square around your infecteds.
3) corners and the white blocks for chock points are your friend and if possible try to incorporate them into your quarantine line so they can divided the attention of the people so your line last longer.
4) Place your lines with care but fast because you can run out very quick and have to wait for one of them to break before you can place a new. Is better to lose control of part of the map some times.
5) Make a line over or just beside a good quarantine line before they break, the thinner the line and more people hitting on it the quicker will fade.
6) keep checking previous contained areas from time to time, because the one that ignore and how the quarantine line wear down alot faster than you expect.

I tried all game types/continents and aside from south america I complete every one, all in all I enjoyed alot, the developer really delivery on what he promised and the variety of game types inside is increase the replayablitity while the minimal design make easy to understand the mechanics and try to master it. Meanwhile I always apreciate a RTS game as it very rare compared to a shooter or platform.
I enjoyed, at alot in fact, but I got a few problems:
- While I don't mind the difficult, I believe that the game could be even better if had ease in the player in the main gameplay loop of each scenario, because RNG play a fair bit of role on each try because the spawn of infected, the placement and number of building blocks and where they wander off are all random and so some dificult flutuate alot between when all buldings are eavenly spread out (so is easy to make quarantine lines) vs when they are all in the corners and the infected are wandering in the middle. Something like 3 cities on each continent/scenario with increasing dificult, like the first city there is more quarantine lines, the infection spread slower, the number of patient zeros are less, yet... Don't need to change the game just decrease the difficult curve.
- There seen to have 2 bugs:
1) with the "south america map" because the point that I'm in control seen to like to wander off on his on direction and for a gameplay about arriving in a point and avoid X is impossible to not feel frustated when things don't respond.
2) If you clycle the cenarios/continents the description of each gameplay some time mix, so you have something like Stardard Rules in America. It may apper after I beat it but I wasn't paying attention at the time,
- It would be good if explained how the points are measured, as I got confused some times I bare made it with 49% and got almost higher score than the time when I kept the infection lower than 40%. Also While I apreciate the graph showing how close we are from the 50% mark, I think that if there was a dot line for the 20/30/40 would help see how much you end up as in the end aside from the score you have to guess the number of infected as you don't have time to look at it.
- also a undo line could come in handy, but I understand if there isn't.
Great Game I hope the developer make more games like this.

SenadMMG responds:

Developer here, all I can say is: Wow, great feedback. Thanks for writing it up in such detail.
All of your comments are on point. There a fre few smaller bugs that need to be fixed.
I'm considering creating a diferent difficulty for each zone (easy, medium, hard). Presenting it as cities is a great idea.

How the scoring works: It's a sum of the percentages of uninfected population on each day. For example, on first day you have 95 (%) uninfected + second day is 91 + third day is 83 and so on.
I'll add the explanation in the description somewhere.

Question for South America. Did you figure out you can pause the game by releasing the mouse button? I think I also need to add that in the description

lots of fun

SenadMMG responds:

Glad you liked it. Cheers!

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2021
5:31 AM EDT
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