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MoJO Millionaire

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Powerpuff girl style. Who will stupid Joe Millionaire elimiDate next Mojo or Princess Melissa?

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It is I, Mojo JOJO!

That was the best Mojoi Jojo impression I've heard yet, also nice artwork. Just two things- 1) why did you draw princess that way and 2) it was kind of short. Some back story and some more contestants (like, oh, say HIM, or some orginal characters) would have made it seem more competive

It a joe blow off

That was great the picture the art very very nice even JOb


While others may not realize your talent I do! Great work!


I kinda dont know what to say, uhh, A average and ...JUST LOOK AT THE RATING!

good job....

But i mostly liked it because it has my name in it! (not mojo or joe)