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Wika Wicked's Egg

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAND REOPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dare to be Queen Wika's courier in Wika Wicked's Egg; the most dangerous side-scrolling platform adventure in all the fairy lands. Can you, the mere fairykin sprite Lil' Sebastien, bring her this precious, fragile egg before the forces of darkness overwhelm the land & seal her kingdom forever?

Update 4/28/2022 -- WOOOOOOOOO! Nearly a year since the egg jam and I've FINALLY finished a pretty swell vertical slice demo of the planned full game. If only I had a year to work on this for the egg jam instead of 7 days!

Make sure to wishlist Wika on Steam if you really dig the new setup! I would be eternally grateful!


You can also freely add the demo to your own steam library until I finish the full game.

If you like this game and my work, follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with any happenings!

Twitter: @magemsoft

New Features:

1) brand new fully fleshed out starting level with secrets galore

2) new things to do in the original egg jam level revolving around fairykin quests

3) new "sprite hex" that stuns enemies temporarily making them unable to damage you(it also has some other applications you'll eventually discover)

4) In addition to sugar plums and walnuts, you can now find a special secret item in each level that persists in your inventory after beating an area permanently

5) brand new save system that tracks your scores for each level and game time (hopefully webGL doesn't butcher it)

6)refined controller usage compared to the barbaric controller setup that persisted in the egg jam version (once again I hope webGL doesn't butcher it this time)

7) Big bad boss Zephyr the Wind Goblin to rage quit against

8) 4 brand new music tracks scattered throughout, and the original music enhanced with some updated arrangement

9) Intro screen menu where you can vibe on the Credits or check out the controls and change volumes(screen resolutions are disabled on the webGL build)

10) Brand new introduction story sequence

11) New starting small tutorial area where you can listen to Scoutmaster Vampal ramble on indefinitely while you practice your acrobatics in safety, because he will continue to fix your egg with magic.

12)Scattered new NPCs with their own dialog and effects to have fun with.


Update: 11/09/2021 -- Still working on the latest demo build with previously mentioned features, but grad school responsibilities have slowed progress. New target is a full demo release with a much larger scope than the original game jam version no later than Christmas. Finished: Large intro level tuned for better tutorialization; Vibrant level select screen and relevant scene transitions; Fully functioning and challenging boss; and a short cliff hanger ending sequence teasing the rest of the complete game. Final elements left: Intro story sequence/narrative; retooling of original game jam level to include the new quest/event systems, as well as environmental FX; and finally saved progress are the final elements left! Keep an eye on my Twitter for regular updates! https://twitter.com/magemsoft

Added an Updated 1.8 webGL version but the controller support is now missing. Unfortunately I can't re-add it because I've already been making changes to the main build that exceed the scope of this original submission but there will be a new fresh demo in the next month or so with 2 levels, stage select screen, and a boss fight to cap it off, as well as a more robust introduction to the game! This version has better hit boxes, some subtle enemy adjustments, and some graphical fixes/changes

CONTROLS: WASD / UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT -- [space] when prompted for menus

As a gentle reminder: your collectables stay with you after death. The more sugarplums and fairy walnuts you find, the easier your runs will be if you're having difficulty.

Hint: You might learn this on your own--but tapping up a lot while trying to land goes a long way when trying to safely land with such a fragile egg.

Super happy how this turned out after 7 days of very little sleep and a lot of passion! I hope you all enjoy it! My first game jam! Thanks to the organizers and everyone on Discord! And thanks @Figburn in particular for organizing and answering questions and concerns on Discord! Super positive and great experience! So many great entries!

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i wasn't able to adjust the resolution. when i went into options, the up and down arrows only let me cycle through the volume options.

it defaulted to low for some reason so i wasn't really interested in testing the game further.

also.. all the random switching between needing to hit space, enter, backspace, and arrow keys to navigate open and exit menus was so unbelievably unintuitive.

gustavvonperiwinkle responds:

Sorry you had a bad experience playing! The Newgrounds webGL version does turn off the resolution settings because it runs in a Newgrounds widget. Being a pixel art game--high resolution isn't going to give any particular strong visual advantage. I agree the keyboard controls for navigating menus can use some work.


I think i just beat the world record of breaking an egg unintentionally.

I like the Yoshi's Island inspired feel of the game! The graphics are cute and colorful, the opening screen very nostalgic and the soundscape is very pleasing.

The gameplay is pretty hard and challenging from the start and I would have preferred if the game first introduced the mechanics of the game and then later environmental hazards and enemies - now they all come at you at once. Sometimes it's also a bit hard to differentiate the background from the foreground.

Other than that, I'd still say it's solid work! Especially for a first game jam project. Good job!

The game in general is good, a challenging one, that if you die, you still want to play, the end was a bit dissappointing

when egg break, I break

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2021
1:41 AM EDT
  • Unity