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First Brood 5 Points

Make it to the first nest.

First Blood 5 Points

Perish for the first time.

Zap Avoidance 10 Points

Make it through a tricky hazard room.

Brood Awakening 10 Points

Defeat gravity with the power of eggs.

Key Master 25 Points

Make it through the advanced key room.

Glass Ceiling 25 Points

Make it through the advanced button room.

Gas Ceiling 50 Points

Make it through the first gas room.

The End 50 Points

Complete the game.

The End - Zoomer Edition 100 Points

Complete the game in under 200 generations

Author Comments

A one-button game made for the Newgrounds July 2021 game jam. The theme was "egg."


HOLD SPACE or LMB to aim and slow time and release to fire. Press again to hatch. Repeat.

Reproduction is locomotion. It’s also fatal. Navigate 16 levels in this single-button, multi-generational platformer. Guide your brood to the Nest at all costs.

A game by Bokonon, Yossarian, turgidharrier

Music by turgidharrier

We believe we have resolved the below issue but will keep the notice for posterity and in the event it still exists:

*BUG NOTICE* We are aware of a rare bug that might cause you to get stuck in a corner and cause the game to slow down; if this happens you should be able to press R to restart the level. Sorry!

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guys add my snap xxemmiexdxx

Super fun and challenging, just my cup of tea

Very slick and fun game! It was certainly an odd one to get used to at first (I would constantly get mixed up on which side I was coming out of from an aiming sequence, haha) but in the end I found it to be a really fun and addicting sequence of challenging stages with a rather unique set of simple yet complex controls to master!

If I had one thing to gripe about this game, is that I really, really hate that when you are fired out, you need to click once to break out of the egg, and then click again to go into aim mode: it just adds so many annoying control issues as since the game is so fast at times, it can be difficult to tell in the heat of the moment whether your click will be an egg-breaking click or an aiming click since you can sometimes get de-shelled by brushing past a wall or what-have-you without realizing. Just either don't bother with the egg phase and skip straight to being out, or keep the egg phase but let me just click and hold once to both break the egg and go straight into aiming without needing to force an extra click. Without that consistency, there was a lot of frustration from inputs being misread or lost from what I intended (luckily the game was good enough in other respects that I kept wanting to play, haha).

ok, Space/LMB makes bug thing spin release fires off in an apparently random direction, I don't see a game in this. 200 "generations" later and I still haven't moved anywhere. I'm guessing there is more to what I am experiencing but without some sort of guidance or tut this is pointless.

The guidance you give in your reply is the same as the instructions which still does nothing to actually instruct me on game play. I think the problem is "AIM" what is meant by "AIM" here as there is no indicator of direction just a strangely shaped blob.

bokononyossarian responds:

HOLD SPACE or LMB to aim and slow time and release to fire. Press again to hatch. Repeat.

...the egg launches in the direction of the birthing egg. Opposite the head

Delightful weird!