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also my first game :0


"so u r a lizards without foots n u want to eat eggs but the eggs are in the top of the tower, reach the eggs to complete the game, only that"

and the game is short :'(

generic controls wasd or arrows (also space bar)

and remeber, eat da egs


epic and cool snek update 1.0.3 omega reborn new deluxe for the nintendo 3DS!!!!1!!!111!!:

*biger camera

*smaller spikes hitbox

*fixed that lizards without foots jump (almost i think)

but still being a shitty game XD

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jumping is way too tight which makes the game near impossible but the snake looks kinda funny. would recommend checkpoints after each floor (or every three floors or something) as well as fixing the jumping

After probably 30 minutes, I'm giving up and leaving it at 1 1/2 stars (wondering if you even bothered to try beating this yourself. I'm taking away an extra 1/2 point since this is how it was meant to be designed). Jumps seem a bit too tight especially considering that the snake doesn't appear to use up and downward momentum. In real life, objects don't simply go straight up and down; instead as it goes up, gravity lowers upward velocity towards 0 before slowly accelerating down. This "hover time" is used in games quite a bit, and that helps with clearing jumps and landing. Checkpoints and maybe more enticing rewards would also be desired. Also, if you land directly over a spike, pressing away from it moves the snake's tail so its hitbox touches the spike. Tail should not have a hitbox.

Guess some notable floors I don't like: Jump over 1 spike then 2 stacked spike, followed by a blind and barely clearable jump, then I assume the final floor where you'd jump over 3 lined spikes which is also probably barely completable (I believe followed by another). That's the part I quit on.

JES98911 responds:

yeah, the game is horribly bad lol, i will fix it

Ok, I quit at the long jump bit. I got past it once, and then died straight away, so I gave up.

Now the game, especially for your first, is pretty good.

1. The snek movement needs a little work. It's a little fast. (No sliding is good though)
2. The camera should be zoomed out more and not move so quickly.
3. Checkpoints. If you want people to try and get through without dying, use badges. That way, it can be completed easier, but no deaths is more of a challenge.

1. Make the graphics consistent
2. Make the reload happen much quicker after death
3. General game rule: bad objects should have slightly smaller hit boxes and good items should have slightly larger ones.

JES98911 responds:

The game is designed to look a bit bad and difficult but thank you very much for the tips, I will apply them to other projects or if I do an update on this thing


s n e k