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Gooter Classic

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Author Comments


**Please note that this game is not finished yet, so you may experience some issues and stuff. PLEASE provide feedback so that I can improve the game! Even if it’s already in the “Known Issues” section below, tell me about it so that I know how big of a problem it is! :)**

CHECK OUT THE LATEST UPDATE CHANGELOGS + OTHER NEWS HERE: https://anthono220.newgrounds.com/news


- Keyboard Controls -

WASD or arrow keys: Move

Mouse Cursor: Aim

Hold down left mouse button: Shoot

Hold down right mouse button: See kill count

ESCAPE key (in-game): Exit to title screen

Spacebar during cutscenes: Next screen

- Gamepad Controls -

Left Joystick or D-Pad: Move

Right Joystick: Aim

Right Trigger: Shoot

Left Trigger: See kill count

Select (in-game): Exit to title screen

A button (menus): Select


It's a pretty simple plot: Gooter, alongside a spirit named Spirilucii, go on a journey to stop an invasion of the floating islands (where all monsters live nowadays) by creatures known as Roguts. To do this, they must travel a great distance to find the source of it all, encountering all kinds of unique monsters (and maybe even humans) along the way.

The objective of almost every level is to get Gooter to the teleporter by shooting everything that's in his way. This "everything" includes multiple types of crates, enemies, and more! For boss battles, all you have to do is kill them to move on to the next world! (you dummy)




He's the funny-looking main character with a red nose. He has the ability to shoot bullets (yes, BULLETS) out of his mouth. Spirilucii guides him to where he needs to shoot, including enemies and objects.



They are red fleshy creatures who have the ability to fly. They spawn at random locations and kill Gooter with just one touch, so be careful! Roguts are the primary enemy of the game.



By default, these green creatures stand in one place and are very much harmless. However, if you shoot one, they become hostile and run at Gooter with an intent to kill via sharp bites.

Now, why do all of these characters have such strange and gibberish names? Because for far too long we as a society gave characters names that make sense and mean things, and I (Anthono220) want to be the person of change!


There is currently no way to financially support this project, however you CAN help the development of Gooter by doing these things:

  • Give feedback on what you liked and what should be changed. I wanna make a good game, after all!
  • Spread the word! If enough word is spread, Gooter will become real and take over the world!!!! :D
  • Stay tuned for future updates which add really cool things like new levels and features! Again, this is an indev demo. Stuff is gonna go wrong and feel incomplete obviously.


  • @WitchDagger for being a cool dude
  • Bden Mo and @moxiestormm for also being cool dudes
  • @Froggernade for being a frog lmao
  • GameMakerStation (Matharoo) for making cool tutorials that helped me make my game (more specifically the camera and textbox systems), check his stuff out here: https://youtube.com/c/GameMakerStationMatharoo
  • Other people who made cool tutorials that helped me make this game, sorry that I can’t give credit to all of you.
  • You for playing Gooter, obviously.

-- Known Issues --

  • Can't click to focus window during cutscenes (Web version (fixed???))
  • Barely has any options; no accessibility settings; no volume settings (All Versions)
  • Drops frames at times (Web version)
  • Difficulty option is kinda lame to be honest (All versions)
  • Controller mode might be wack (All versions)
  • Transition between the green level of World 2b and the preboss level after it may be rough on the eyes (All Versions)
  • You are unable to go back to keyboard mode once you enable controller mode (Only tested on Web, but probably also affects all versions)
  • Gooter doesn't play an animation while shooting if you time your shoot while he's blinking (All Versions)

There's not much else that needs to be said here. What are you waiting for? Scroll up and play NOW!

(Sorry if this description is a little wack. I will update it eventually)

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Its ok. But what to do at the yellow-black blocks? I cant get past those... or do I have to shoot more Roguts?
edit: came back to try it but the game doesnt save progress :/

Anthono220 responds:

Whoops, I should have made it more clear in the game. You have to kill 100 Roguts in order to progress. Hold right-click to check how many you’ve killed.

This game has SO much potential and I feel as if none of its used. The levels are just walking around and there's no real reason to keep exploring. The levels really hold it back because most of it is the same repeated stuff. If this game took some sort of shootem up dungeon explorer approach with new guns, enemies and reasons to keep looking around the level (and more level variety besides just breaking boxers over and over) it could be a really good and maybe even successful game

Anthono220 responds:

Hello, Froggernade. Thanks for your feedback.

I do believe that you should play the game more to get a better understanding of the game and give a more accurate review. However, if you are too busy to do that then I think that this review is good enough and is a good starting point to help improve the game greatly. I expect to be working on Gooter for at least a couple more years, so hopefully this game will indeed be a really good and variety-filled game, which is what I want to aim for.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2021
2:17 PM EDT
  • LMMS
  • GraphicsGale
  • GameMaker Studio 2