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L-Egg Hunt

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Level 1 Mastery 10 Points

Find all the hidden eggs on level 1.

Level 2 Mastery 10 Points

Find all the hidden eggs on level 2.

Level 3 Mastery 10 Points

Find all the hidden eggs on level 3.

Level 4 Mastery 10 Points

Find all t he hidden eggs on level 4.

Author Comments

L-Egg Hunt is a physics-based egg-with-legs transforming-platformer / hidden-object game. It was made in less than 10 days for the Newgrounds July 2021 game jam, in which the theme was "Egg".

Can you find the hidden eggs in all three levels?

Fullscreen mode (via the blue button in the lower right corner) is recommended!


  • W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys - Roll / Move in Run Mode / Swing in Grapple Mode
  • Shift - Hold to Transform into Run Mode (While Stamina bar isn't Empty)
  • Space - Jump (While in Run Mode)
  • Left Mouse - Hold to Activate Grapple Hook at Mouse Position
  • Right Mouse - Hold While Grapple is Active to Shorten Rope
  • C - Hold while Grapple is Active to Extend Rope
  • Q - Respawn at Last Checkpoint
  • Middle Mouse - Hold and drag while stationary to get a better view of your surroundings. The camera will reset to it's default once you start moving again. You can also scroll the mouse wheel to zoom.

Mouse and Keyboard input is recommended -- touch-pad users will probably have difficulty with the controls, sorry!

Feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are always welcome!

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Really great game!

I found an infinite jump glitch lol.
Run, jump, stop running (while in air), repeat.

Da egg do de funkeh run!:)))!!!1!

Oh man, I felt really mixed and conflicted on this one. It didn't start with a good first impression as I was getting really frustrated with the 3D perspective as it made it really confusing to tell where your character was at times. I was definitely of the impression that the game would be better served in a 2d perspective where you don't need to worry about the physics pushing you to the foreground/background when you didn't want that. However, as I played more and got the powers for running and grappling, I ended up really getting hooked: something about switching between the various movement modes to fit the situation, and the sheer fun of the grappling movement was so satisfying. If I could have that same grappling movement in a 2d game instead, I think it'd be awesome, but then again, part of the fun of the grapple is being in a 3d environment, but then that brings forth the other issues so...I dunno, this is a really weird one where I don't know if I like it intentionally or unintentionally, if that makes any sense, haha!

could you add a button to shorten the rope for trackpad users?
Edit: Also a level select would be nice

ok hte music is ok but need a volume control.
I'd like to see a level select. I mis clicked lvel 3 when at 14 out 15 on level 2.
Do'nt want go back play all of lvl 1 just to get all eggs.
For those that can't find eggs maybe you should have the egg change colors as it gets closer.
well the egg not round so rolling is interesting.