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Author Comments

Look at this newspost for some more info and bonus artwork


I took time to fix nearly every bug and design flaw that plagued the original version I uploaded.

Skeeter got his backwoods stolen by the celestial demon Narcissa and goes on a rampage through her base

to get them back so he can finally smoke and relax. Hope you like weapon powerups and dodging mechanics.

I think this might be the most effort I've ever put into what's basically a shitpost.


  • fixed collision, no more getting stuck in walls, everything is buttery smooth.
  • new music, all of which can be toggled using the first 4 number keys.
  • Weapon balance adjustments - the bouncer weapon no longer breaks the sound like before
  • some rooms have been redesigned and new enemy types have been added
  • you can now kill the hands, although its kind pain in the ass.
  • narcissa bossfight balance adjustments
  • going left at the split near the end no longer loops the levels, it leads to an alternate path to the boss with powerups.
  • getting devil boy's air yamato's is easier now
  • new powerup that lets you get the machine gun back, incase you want that as an option.
  • new miniboss
  • graphical tweaks and details added (nacho napalm boiling cheese, smoke effects)
  • updated credits
  • new "tutorial" room that also serves as a sound test. accessible by clicking "how to play" on the title screen
  • new alternate titlescreen after beating the game once
  • new easter eggs
  • sound adjustments
  • new bonus rooms that serve as a shortcut, accessible using the air yamatos


WASD - move skeeter

LMB - shoot

RMB/SPACE - dodge (this is important otherwise you SUCK)

Number keys 1 2 3 and 4 - change music




watch out for explosions

shooting explosive barrels at point blank is a good strategy

get good at dodging

enemies on fire will catch other enemies on fire

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not the best game ever

wtf did I just play lol

okay this is too hard for me to beat but the visuals made me laugh

TURBOSALT responds:

Thank you I really wanted this game to be a shitpost but also fun and challenging

This game is fuckin crazy. But I had fun!

I would recommend keeping the camera locked on the player while rolling, adding a bit of camera shake and slowing down enemy projectiles just a tad. It's not as much fun shooting enemies from around corners as it is flying through them and spamming bullets everywhere, so you should lean into that. Automatically changing the music every few deaths would remove extra unneeded keys to be pressed.

Great work, all that aside.

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2021
9:17 PM EDT