Killing Vegeta RPG III

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Wow,Second has a higher score then third,wtf

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love your game

vegeta AKA gaygeta is the worser then all the things i hate COMBINED! so i hope he finishes this so that weak annoying brat shall die hes so stupid vegeta cant beat anybody, hes so stupid and he doesnt have a life (to all you stupid smallheaded fanboys) i just learned that vegeta is stupider then a blind pig? Yes. i heard that 4 days ago that guy could beat up vegeta with a toaster or even a crum... he just has no life and the most worst part is... fanboys have had smaller heads because of vegeta and know they want to kill him so vegeta vs shadow would be *CLICK!* vegeta defeated. shadow can defeat vegeta easily Now sonic vs goku? thats a tie, goku isnt as stupid as vegeta. however About Sonic vs goku... i think if vegeta was in there hes too scared Look up on google you fanboys... VEGETA DIES that will teach all of you why you have no life, I dont care if i take a crap about this heck. screw vegeta Vegetas strongest attack - kill himself weakest - FUCK YOU FANBOYS!


^^Good Points^^
Drawings weren't bad, and you used lip syncing, or atleast attempted to.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't even see the point of submitting this. It is unfinished to the point where you can click on one area and then do absolutely nothing there. There is nothing to do in this game, but I guess it's better off that way because I don't think I would have had fun playing this game anyway.


this is worse then ayb how did he get in that neighborhood and how does he got 2 pistols instead of a knife and a shotgun like the 1st 1 a human wouldnt b able to inflict a pinch worth of damage on a saiyan anywayplz stop u embarrassin ya self+ u didnt make a 1st one wtfthe graphics in the first one is gay 2


This isn't even finished besides even if he DID find Vegeta wutz he gunna kill him with.....to guns ha! Vegeta's weakest attack could destroy him. seriosly one lousy punch he could crack that guyz brain (if he has one)

Credits & Info

2.16 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2003
5:44 AM EST