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King Of The Hat

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DASH with RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (invulnerable while dashing)


SHOOT with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON (you need a hat to shoot!)

WIN by making your opponents' time run out

LOSE by running out of time

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very fun game the comical sound effects really sell it although the looks make it seem like it was made in a bit of a rush was this part of a game jam only real fault i can find are bombs being a bit over powered and that you can stall out your death timer a bit by portal hopping back and forth.

acpng responds:

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

The appearance definitely needs more work. Unfortunately we didn't have art resources on the dev team but still that is not an excuse.

A really excellent game. I love the speed and the variety of hats. Lots of action, doesn't take long. Graphics are colourful and fun but it's easy to lose track of which guy you are!

The dash feels overpowered, particularly because the enemies can't use it (if they did, this game would be almost impossible!). Maybe let everyone dash but have a DASH RECHARGE TIMER or something to stop you using it all the time? The enemy AI gets confused sometimes which gives an easy victory - repeatedly attempting to make a jump and failing, or just getting stuck, Buridan's ass style, unsure whether to go left or right. Particularly if there's a hat on the platform above - they often just stand directly underneath it, and shift from left to right. Enemies also sometimes keep trying to run over spikes placed next to portals, so constantly keep losing their hat.

Not sure I agree about the "best" winning times being the shortest. They're often just when the enemies get stuck, sometimes after knocking off each other's hats, giving a virtually instant but very boring victory. The multi-minute battles for survival are the ones that feel most fulfilling! Perhaps you should record both the fastest victory and the longest survival.... in fact a better measure of how good your victory was, is probably how much time was left on your timer.

EDIT: sometimes the AI never even picks up a hat due to confusion, giving the quickest possible victory! That doesn't feel like a proper win at all, let alone the "best" one. NB THE TIMER SHOULD ACTUALLY STOP WHEN YOU WIN!!! At the moment the timer only stops once the post-victory animation ends...

ANOTHER STUPID BUG: when the timer goes over 2 minutes, it goes back to 1:00 instead of continuing at 2:00... (weirdly this only happens to me on high graphics mode when the game starts lagging...)

AND ANOTHER STUPID BUG: hit an enemy when they're already standing on a hat pickup, and they stand without a hat. They don't move because they're on a hat which is where they want to be. But they don't get the hat.

Jumping up a level, over spikes or across gap between platforms, is far too hard both for human and AI. Bigger "floatier" jumps please! (Actually a lot of these gameplay problems are smoothed out if you opt for Toaster graphics, even though the graphics quality seems hardly any worse... for anyone who finds the game unplayable TRY THE TOASTER MODE in the settings! In fact I'd seriously suggest the developers should MAKE TOASTER THE DEFAULT graphics setting - my laptop is pretty fast yet this was the only setting the game was really playable on. Moreover it made hardly any difference to the appearance of the graphics!) Would also be good to have DIFFICULTY SETTINGS - be easy to make it easy/medium/hard by changing the player time limit relative to the AI time limit.

Anyway this would be an absolutely amazing multi-player game! Another recommendation - could you give a bit more leeway before the timer starts ticking down? (Might reduce total time on the timer in order to even things up a bit with this change.) The frantic "can I grab a hat even though I have 0.1 seconds left on my clock" is cool and there'd be more of that jeopardy if you had a bit more chance (when the X is showing instead of the seconds) before the timer starts ticking. Some more stats on the homescreen would be cool. We get win streaks at the moment, would love to see total win-loss and win percentage. Also some hat stats! Would love to know how many times I picked up each of the 3 hats and how many hits I scored with each, as well as average hits-per-hat-type. I think the army hat (grenades) is probably my most lethal weapon but the AI makes very good use of the Robin Hoot hat (arrows).

The music is fun, sounds very much like the music from all-time retro classic Beneath A Steel Sky (available to play on https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368340/Beneath_a_Steel_Sky/)

After a bit of practice the game gets too easy. My best winning streak is 39, even when I don't allow myself to use the right mouse button dash (since that's too overpowered!)

acpng responds:

Thanks for playing and for the detailed feedback.

confusing but fun i guess
edit: it's not the game's problem, it's issues at my end

acpng responds:

Which parts were confusing? Was the initial instructions page unclear?

Oddly difficult and addicting! Some different maps would really make this make this feel like a proper game I'd pay for with friends

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2021
11:33 AM EDT
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Krita
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
Misc. Kit
  • Adobe Mixamo