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Nova's Revenge

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A Gaming Pad is required to play.











Donations accepted by these campains:

Go Fundme - https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-release-novas-revenge-the-game

Fundly - https://fundly.com/novasrevenge

Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/novasrevenge/novas-revenge-the-video-game

Nova’s Revenge is a high action and fast paced Platformer that will keep you engaged by shooting, jumping, sliding, wall jumping and more. My name is Derrick Bruno and I am a traditional Animator by heart who has taken a strong liking to Video Game Development. Over the years i have shifted my work from Graphic design to pushing my energy and time into doing what I now love. I have created something interactive and fun that allows me to use my animation background along with Coding to develop the next action Platformer.

Nova’s revenge was originally designed to be a 16 bit pixeled shooter in the likes of Megaman. As I got more comfortable with the Unity software, I began to animate the character and enemies by hand, and develop the game to be much more animated and alive. This grew into larger effects, more actions, and a much more immersible game to play. I wanted to bring all the great things I loved about action platforming games in this one game. I continued to push for fast movements, variable weapons and specials, I added the wall jumping & sliding that makes Nova a strong and powerful character. I have so much more to add to her that will make her a top tier character in any crossover event as well.

What makes Nova’s revenge stand out is the character design and animations. You will be battling against Strong Mid-Bosses & powerful bosses at every level and stage. In the playable 8 level demo you will face not only hordes of enemies and traps, but strong bosses that you will have to take down with the arsenal that you acquire from destroying enemies, and their spawn locations. I will be creating multiple world locations. Each will have 8 stages or more, and over time will have a scoring method, secrets, and a comic style story line with full splash pages to add the character development. I am currently developing the playability first.

As of today, there are 10 shot weapons & 10 special weapons. Each one is unique and will allow you to conquer the enemies you will come across. I plan on creating more and more as development continues. I have some even greater benchmark ideas that will push this game over the top but I am the sole developer and this will take some time. This is where you come in. With proper funding and development help I Can add so much more to create possibly one of the greatest platformers. I would like to set a goal of over 50 shot weapons & specials, not to mention more moves like a dash attack, slide kick, and melee weapons for Nova as well. I would like to add costume changes with weapon pick-ups, and larger effects and blasts. For this I will need your help.

That’s what brings me here today for your support. With Proper funding and your help, I will push harder to create the game I envisioned when I started this project. I am looking to add a great deal of details that are not in the playable demo. If backed I can Add some great things for this game some of these are as follows.

  • Add a strong storyline for Nova and develop her reasoning for cutting through horse of mechanical alien monsters.
  • I plan on creating a Comic style storyline with effects and animation in between scenes, and mid scene. I plan on developing stronger effects such as screen shattering attacks, melee weapons, and over the top specials with cutscenes.
  • Costume augmentations for weapon pickups. This would require a lot of extra animations as I would have to sprite swap, and animate the character for each weapon.
  • Hire a small staff of helper or get studio help to complete the title. As a solo developer I would love to get this game launched. I would love a team or established to help me get this done.
  • I need original music. I can develop my own music for the title, but again this is much more time consuming. I would love to have a music artist create an original soundtrack for the title showcasing how strong this character is.
  • I am a single father of 5 working full time, and developing this title. I currently work 50 hours a week, and I am limited on time. The funding will allow me to branch out and utilize my time in a more focused manner to produce the best game possible.

If you love high paced action, explosions, hand drawn & digital artwork and immersive fun This game is for you. Nova’s Revenge will be a title that stands out, and I look forward to developing this title with your love and support.

The Full 8 level Demo is Avalable for a Free download now. 

Visit http://HalfEvil333.com

Risks and challenges

Making great video games is hard. Like, really hard! Art, design, and technology have to be blended seamlessly to create a cohesive experience. On top of that, it takes time to iterate and expand on ideas. There is a reason lots of awesome games take forever to come out!

The biggest risk is that Nova's Revenge would take longer than anticipated. If production were to go late, cash would be the biggest problem. I am currently the sole developeron the project and I am looking to expand. If catastrophe truly struck, our backup plan would be to pool our remaining funds and partner with venture capitalist or publisher to get the game done. This game is my livelihood, and I will do what is needed to launch this game and make it a fun expierance to play. I also look to create sequals if this game is a success.

However, I do not fail. I will continue to work and develop this game to be a success and build it better than anticipated. As this started as a fun project to help me learn to deveolp video games. I have learned to truely love this experiance and I am counting on you to help push Nova's Revenge into new hights in the Gaming World.

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The game is currently unplayable, as no interaction is possible besides walking and jumping. Not everyone has a controller lying around, if that's a design choice, please don't sabotage your own project over something like that. Otherwise it's ok for a very early demo.

Also, what's with the window size?

HalfEvil333DB responds:

Originally I had coded the game for keyboard, but the controls really were not as responsive as a controller. I can work on an update for keyboard so you and others can enjoy it as well.

I'm not sure I follow on the window size. On my screen and others it plays okay, and has a full screen option. the game resolution is 1920 X 1080.

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2021
11:45 PM EDT
  • Unity