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Sanguine Classic

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Author Comments

This is a reupload of my 2012 flash game, Sanguine. I had taken it down ages ago, for bad reasons.

Sanguine is a platformer centered around stealth gameplay. Avoid being seen by humans, then rush over to them and abduct them with the up button. Press up again to drain their blood, giving you hitpoints. Beware that having no blood at all will make you slow! Die too many times and you'll fall into the underworld.

This game is anything but a masterpiece. The movement is clunky, the story collapses towards the end and the abduction gimmick gets stale about half way through... I made the hideous mistake of starting the player in a pit where you have to perform a complex technique to get out - do a running slide up the wall and grab the ledge by holding the jump button!

But for all it's faults, it is a complete adventure. Of all the games I have made, I think it has been my most original and really feels like it could have been an authentic console game when I was growing up.

RUFFLE: The two henchmen right after the crypt that walk down the big slope are meant to walk all the way down. But in Ruffle, they pivot in a tight loop at the top of the hill, instead. It is beatable, but the timing is extremely tight compared to Flash.

Be sure to check out the 2016 sequel, Sanguine 2.

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I hope you read this. I created an account just to tell you how much I love both of your Sanguine games, and to ask you to never give up on making games!

I think you have a lot of talent, so don't let it go to waste!

I can't wait to play Sanguine 3, I hope you finish it soon!

To tell the truth I would gladly pay money for these games, I think they're amazing!

Take care, stay healthy and love yourself a lot more!

Decent hidden lost gem,but I prefer the second one.
Why this one was removed from the site if it has nothing to do with Mario and it's an original IP?
I don't understand :/

RayBeckham responds:

I was going through a rough spot and had a bit of a "room trashing" moment, which included my newgrounds submissions. I deleted it and several other games and movies.

I've never been able to love myself and have struggled with self loathing all my life. I don't deserve happiness. I don't deserve success. That old chestnut.

I realize that when I release art onto an audience, it's no longer my own to do what I please with. It belongs to everyone and I didn't have any right to do what I did. But that's what happened.

Really glad to see you re-uploaded this! I loved the Sanguine II when I first played it, and only found the first game when I looked it up on Flashpoint. I finally managed to beat both a few months ago and I can honestly say they are some of my favorite games of all time! Thanks so much for making them. If you ever feel like uploading some of your other stuff here it won't be wasted.
As an aside, I actually only figured out about that trick with the two henchmen after beating them the hard way even though i was playing in flash, lol.

I don't like how the blood meter drains but I like the game.

it looks nice buts it really hard

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2021
1:02 AM EDT