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SOULMECH - Shinobu

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== Normal move ====
Move Left: Arrow left
Move Right: Arrow right
Jump: z
Attack: x
Guard: c

Skip movie: Space

== Special Move ==
Haste: Arrow Up
- When Nimpo point(Blue bar at Right botton) is more than 50% you can use "Haste" in a period of time.Can slash 7 times. Each attack with "Haste" will steal health. Press "Up" again to turn "Haste" off.

KageSlash: Arrow Down
- Use only when Nimpo point is full, slash all enemy.

Bug fix 2003/02/03:

-Sometimes after jumping attack, latter attack won't works.I modified some codes to fix, hope it works on your computer.
-Recover Full HP after stage clear.
You can choose "continue" when game over in stage 2.
-Attack with "Haste" can recover your HP. And press "Up" again can turn "Haste" off.
-"Haste" doesn't work after game continue.(FIXED)

- boss1: Attack from his back as close as possible.
- boss2: Jump to avoid hit by the wave.Using guard when boss attacks.

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I like this game, simple yet enjoyable. Is not the best beat m up but its enjoyable and offers a decent challenge. The art could be better, not saying that the graphics are bad, some backgrounds are odd sometimes, and facing the same enemy types using the same combo gets aboring. But still, i had a good time completing it.

this game has been out since i was is 5th grade. im 21 now no part 2 is comming lol

very nice. would be better if you add background music and dialog. would be great for a part 2 though.

I thought there might have been something wrong with my computer at first because there wasn't any sound. I realized there was some, just no music. It's too bad, because that would have made this better. With the anime chick appearing at the beginning, I thought this would be a hentai game. Yeah, I've been around here too long. Over six million reviews and none in 2012?!

The gameplay itself moves very nicely. The best part is probably when the enemies get sliced in life. It can take awhile for them to get to your side of the screen after you knock them away. The sounds were pretty good too. There probably could have been more variety, though.

Lost a bit of luster...

But this was made in 2003 and I remember being happy to play it back then and it being ahead of its time, considering its peers...after it took forever to load (damn you dial-up!) my how things have changed. Since I never reviewed it then, I'll back-date my score from then.