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Zork - Teaser

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I am getting a bad score cos of the sticks ere, If any wants to do cheacter design I would love it get credit of coarse I CAN'T DRAW FACES PEOPLE SO HELP ME.

New series I have started I hope you like it I have spent long and hard hours on this and have put my best ability into it,

So please vote fair just because there sticks don't vote 0 look at my Backdrops too I spent ages on them too,

Please Comment as most flash artist no comments and good remarks motivate you more well it does for me any,


Check out my website http://www.whatyah.com

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this must have taken a while---------------------

I fondly remember zork from my old COMMODORE 64-I doubt many of you remember this but it was a great system--I had forgotten about Zork until this flash---thankx

this isn't ZORK...

I'm sorry to inform you, but ZORK was an old text-based computer game from the 1980's...

here's a JAVA version of it http://www.nulldevice.net/infocom/zork.html

nice teaser

Looks interesting. Just finish it up and send the whole thing in.

fuk give it up

ur always gonna be fat

Good teaser

Well I'm going to comment because I think you need to know that your teaser is good and it looks like you have a nice idea going here. You should continue with your ideas always.

I am not offended by the sticks in your movie but if you could team up with someone to do full characters that would just up the ante.

You really seem to have a good idea of what makes a score work in a flash movie also.