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Turn-based bullet-hell class warfare!

Swipe to move in each of the four directions. Ram into things to destroy them, but avoid the dangerous projectiles.


Upgrade your ship with multiple levels of each of the FOUR upgrades.

Discover each of the FIVE endings, (and more secret endings) and unlock new music tracks!

Overcome 11 different enemy types, each with a distinct 'elite' form.

Watch replays of your attempts, and see your long-term statistics.

Earn your freedom!

This is an enhanced version of the game 'Salvage', remade and expanded in Godot. On top of new features (listed above), it is now available as a native application on mobile and PC. This should allow it to keep running smoothly into much longer runs, something the original game definitely had trouble with!

PC and Mobile Version


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Nah, I can't play this: It's just a black screen.

highly underated game (turn based bullet hell wtf and also it also works well wtf)

I assume all the endings are the same but with a higher difficulty level? The new enemies certainly spice things up well and the new upgrade to counter them too. This is a wonderful reboot.

Nicely put together, simple graphics with good tutorial and nice music.

No idea what the 5th ending is. Only discovered by accident (when I felt it was a bit rude of people to be staring at me fighting for them through their windows and thought I should punish them for their unhelpfulness) that there's an alternative to trying to get through the gate, and of course there's another ending if you rebel but die trying...

I'd say completing the game was too easy ... but since I haven't found that 5th ending yet, perhaps there's an extra depth that I'm missing?

Fun twist on the bullet hell genre. A bit easy, but that isn't something to BLAM over.
This should be SAVED.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2021
10:11 AM EDT