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Adventure Boy: Jailbreak

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The sequel is here! You're Benson, the broke but resourceful kid, on a mission to break your friend out of jail using nothing but the junk you can scrape up around town. A huge cast of funny, weird and thoughtful characters await you, with custom responses to nearly every permutation of items.

Can you find the secret room?


WASD - move

Shift - run

Z + X - select item

Space - talk, use item

Esc - pause

M - mute

This game features gamepad support!

(Controls optimized for switch pro controller)

(WebGL optimized for Google Chrome)

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A third instalment is now underway!

Adventure Boy 3 is a 2D world in a 3D engine, so you can platform and explore the town with a range of new platforming abilities, while you solve puzzles and uncover new areas. You can find a preview below, and if you'd like to see it get released, please consider becoming one of my first supporters on the new Patreon! These games are made by one guy, and it's the enthusiasm from the NG community that encouraged me to make this game. Please consider helping out!

More Adventure boy

Adventure Boy 1 on Newgrounds

Adventure Boy 3 preview below

Having Trouble?

This game uses Unity's WebGL interface to play in your browser. This was originally a PC game released on steam, but it has been re-built to work in the browser. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the WebGL system, it requires your computer to provide 3000kb of memory to the browser. Some systems might not provide enough memory, resulting in a crash in the first cutscene. If this happens please up the memory allocation, or try the .EXE version.

Note: if your game gets through the opening cutscene and loads the overworld, you'll be safe from any further crashes.

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Great game, reminded me of the old cartoon network game called "Cartoon summer resort" which had a similar playstyle where you would have to find and trade items with others to fulfill their needs. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug that would render the character immobile if they were to try to walk behind the bush with a twig sticking out.

Haha, I do love these types of games where you explore the land and figure out this way to trade one item for another in a crazy chain to get to your goal, and this game delivered that well! A solid adventure with good presentation and an amusing world to explore, filled with tons of interactables with funny flavor text. Speaking of the flavor text, I was definitely impressed at the level of effort on display: not only was there a lot of interactables, they surprisingly had a second line of dialogue if you talk to them again, and there were all sorts of responses for giving them items. For example, I couldn't believe the game actually recognized the logic of my attempting to trade soda to the kid for their sugar since soda is practically sugar! Stellar stuff, this.


menu music fills me with the overwhelming desire to end my own life.
decent game, doesn't really feel good though.