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100 Meters 5 Points

You fell 100 Meters into the Ebyss

500 Meters 5 Points

You fell 500 Meters into the Ebyss

1000 Meters 10 Points

You fell 1000 Meters into the Ebyss

3000 Meters 25 Points

You fell 3000 Meters into the Ebyss

Author Comments

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Help little Enoki bounce and wobble (and fall, lots of falling) its way back to its home deep, deep down below the surface. On its way try to collect as many crystal shrooms as possible, either as keepsake for your friends back home ... or just for yourself.


How to play

You can direct Enoki to the right or the left side of the screen, gravity was so nice to take over the responsibility for falling down. 

On the way down you can "collect" (meaning: eat) some delicious fireflies. With the extra pounds gained from eating, you're easily able to break through the roots blocking your way to the shiny crystal shrooms. (Which you should try to collect, because they're shiny!)


You can either drag Enoki to the right or left with the mouse or just use "A" or "D" to either move to the right or the left. 

When you press "Space", Enoki will split into multiple mini-Enokis! Use it wisely and press "Space" again to fuse back together. 


Drag Character around screen with either "A" & "D" or your mouse.

Collect iu_346409_9496097.png to break iu_346410_9496097.png to gather iu_346411_9496097.png!

And now to reach the abyssal depths of Enoki's home! Have fun playing!

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i love

Art style very cute and beautiful.

This is a really cute game and I like it a lot, especially the quality of the visuals and the movement, you did a wonderful job!

Second edit: Oh my gosh I feel so, so dumb now. OTL I thought I did play through the tutorial (and had checked the description as well) properly but I guess I didn't and that was entirely my own mistake! All the times I kept coming back to try again and got frustrated was just because I totally missed such an important part of the game, thank you so much for telling me. I'm really sorry for the trouble, this is such a lovely and pretty game and I really enjoy playing it, and look forward to playing even more now that I know what I was missing before.

I really can't get over how pretty this game is though, the colors and the character design and Enoki's squishiness are just, so lovely. ^^

Disregard below please.
--That said, I keep encountering an issue where I come across a set of two ledges positioned to have only a very small gap between them, one that seems to be impossible to pass. :( I've tried everything I can think of but I always get trapped there, losing the game, only ever being able to make it a few hundred meters down. It's really disappointing and frustrating, especially since it seems to *always* happen to me, unless I die earlier by hitting the spikes.

EDIT: I feel super bad because I mentioned this and then kept trying, and finally, finally!, managed to get past 200 meters, I suppose it happens randomly with the two close ledges appearing, but it still happens very often sadly. I seriously thought something was preventing me from getting past 200 but I suppose it was mostly my own bad luck making that happen, so I adjusted my star rating.--

HiimLuki responds:

Hey eeriecreatures!
I can feel your pain, but did you play the tutorial? The two ledges are intentional and you are missing out a core gameplay mechanic. If you are too fat, you can press space to split yourself into many mini Enokis :) To fuse back together, just press space again!

Really good game to play at night lol.\

this remine meof that old psp game with orange blob thing that sing
,feel nice

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2021
5:50 PM EDT
  • Unity
Misc. Kit
  • Unity