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Witch Way

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Author Comments

Witch Way is a 2D platformer about going through a castle, fighting witches in a swamp, and a curse. It can be played with keyboard or controller (I would recommend a keyboard, it's easier to aim). The Linux and Mac builds are currently untested so make sure to let me know if they don't work. It should take 20-30 minutes to beat. Please leave a comment, they're really helpful! 

Also, check out Conrad McIntosh who wrote all of the games music Here!


WASD, Left Stick or D-Pad to move.

Space or Left Trigger to jump.

Jump while airborne to double jump. (as long as you haven't already jumped)

Jump while sliding to wall jump.

Jump on a wall to wall slide.

Left Mouse Button or Right Trigger to shoot a fireball. 

Shoot towards the Mouse or in the direction of the Right Stick

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The music is fantastic
But the controls and level design need some work, bud

This is pretty fun to play, however I recommend adding in a few things such as some additional control schemes so you don't have to switch between mouse and keyboard. The jump could use a bit of limiting as well since it can get quite weird in tight spaces

The art looks awsome. The fire balls, tourches and the green enemies looks awesome.

The first thing that could be improved is the camera. The camera moves around very quickly and ut doesn't feel smooth. You should som kind of smoothness.

The background art and the spike art looks kind of bad if you compare it to the other art. As you can see with the player and fire balls you can draw pretty well. So the only thing you have to do is to put more effort to the background and the spikes.

When you enter a door it doesn't take you imadetally to the next level because it needs to load it first. This leads to a sudden pause in the game when you enter a door. I suggest to add some sort of scene transition. There are many tutorials out there on that so it shouldn't be a problem.

All green things will damage you, or at least a thought. I thought the green jumping thing will damage me so I tried to avoid it but it doesn't. Your game broke the rule by making a green thing not take damage. You should change it up.

The last thing is the hears system. Sometimes the enemy takes two damage other time none but for most times it takes 1. It is really annoying to lose two hearts because one enemy touches you ones. You should try to fix it, it is a simple fix.

The level design was one of the best I have ever seen. I loved the level where you have to wall slide and shoot the enemies. I felt like a total badass shooting those enemies. The game has a lot of potential

In conclusion this game is really fun and with some more effort I think this has a lot of potential. The music and the art is gourges and hitting an enemy mid air feels amazing. You should really update this game and put in all your effort. This was super fun to play and I want to play it again some time. Let me know if you update it.

Uppitydonkey57 responds:

Thanks for commenting! First off to be honest I doubt will update the game. I have put many months of my life into this game and I am ready to move on. But I do agree with a lot of your criticisms, especially how green means danger until the bouncy platforms. The problem with a lot of these is that a lot of these are much harder to add then they might seem or might at least have unexpected impacts in other locations. I'll fool around with some of these suggestions though and I'll message you if I do update it!

i'm not used to using both keyboard and mouse...

this game is fucking AWESOME!!! ^_^


okay so i just finished the game for real. overall, it was really cool and i definitely wanna see what youre gonna put out in the future. the gameplay and story legit got me invested, and for a simple flash game, it was rich in charm.

if theres anything i have a problem with, its just a few fixes that will probably make the game a lot more accessible, and im sure that as you grow as a game designer, youll find ways around these. so;
- the wall jumping physics could be tweaked, i was having a good amount of trouble with getting them done right.
- at the start of chapter 2, there was what seemed to be an accidentally placed boat that, when interacted with, crashed my game.
- in the arena of the witch boss fight, the shelves in the background almost looked like platforms you could jump onto. maybe you could lean into that and make them real, usable surfaces? that would add fun depth to the battle.

other than that, this game was real solid. the difficulty curve and progression of mechanics felt natural and nuanced. while it did not feel as though my hand was being held through it, it also did not feel unfairly difficult for the most part. a fun challenge for sure, and great music. im sure that Witch Way 2 will be a real banger. uncle brad would be proud.

Uppitydonkey57 responds:

How far did you get? And do you have anything else about the game?


I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the game! I agree with you about a lot of your criticisms and I had no idea about the boat crashing the game. It was just supposed to look like a boat the character took to the swamp. I also like the idea of the shelves being actual platforms. I will probably patch out the crash but other then that I doubt I'll update the game since I've spent so long on it already. Once again I'm so happy you enjoyed it. (And my uncle actually does love playing my games)

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2021
5:56 PM EDT