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Revival Killer

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Author Comments

The world has gone to shit zombies appear around everyone day and night and they wont die because they are dead people but you have a medicine which shoots the zombies back to life

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Fun little concept game. I understand it's a game jam game, but I'll treat it equally.

- What I like is the concept is "healing" the zombies instead of killing them
- I like the rapid fire vs single fire
- I like the map is large enough for me to move around comfortably
- I like the game scales up at a decent pace and my ammo is replenished at the start of every round
- I think there starts to be too much clutter around around 7, I can start to feel the lag.
- The premise of the game is that I'm "healing" these guys. So maybe after a round of inactivity after being cured they walk away or help me or something. Just something interesting to keep too much clutter off the map.
- Right now we can spam errantly. I'd also propose the idea of overshooting a zombie. If they turn black when they are healed, then maybe they turn blue or red or something meaning I'm giving them too much antidote and about to kill them.
- Didn't seem to be any special or boss mobs, just the 1 kind of enemy, so perhaps a few different types of enemies, or at least special or boss or miniboss mobs every couple levels or so to help keep things interesting.
- There's a sort of magic point in a game where nothing changes, the player realizes it doesn't change and the game has no more to experience, and the player just loses interest. For me that point was around level 8
- The dark green vs black does get a little visually lost when I have 20+ enemies on the screen, everything starts to blend together, and I find myself watching for movement rather than actual color. I think the green active zombies could be a little more saturated green to be easier to see.
- You give me a full hp ammo and secondary after every round, I feel the game is a little too easy right now, i got up to level 10 without dying at all. Maybe HP healing comes from drops or is just slightly reduced after each wave, or waves can scale up in size a bit more. Something to make the difficulty ramp up. Additional enemies that do more damage could be an easy solution.
- It's just the fast shot and single shot of what appears is the same weapon, I think if you ever extended this game to more levels and content, maybe add different weapons, "healing gas cloud grenade" "multi-needle aoe shot" "aerated gas thrower"

I like the game, and think it could easily be scaled up in keeping with the theme of healing the zombies. Great job on what you have so far, and I've love to see more!

Vrglab responds:

Wow thank you very much for this. (i will keep this in mind when making a release version of the game) i'm glad that you enjoyed whats here already and that you took time out of your day to write this :)

it doesn't SUCK suck, but it's very boring. movement is fine but stiff since it's on a grid... but the enemies can curve? I'll let this one slide... maybe

Pretty Fine Game

Vrglab responds:

thank you

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2021
10:48 AM EDT