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Author Comments

This is a game about an adventurer who is chosen by fate to sacrifice himself.

Luckily, he possesses two simple weapons: a sword and a bow that "surely" is going to protect himself.

There are many monsters along the way but also many skills to choose from to improve himself.

Many items in this game are interactable by walking next to it and press "E".

PLEASE read the control menu before proceeding with the game.

Remember left-click could bring you out of the transition scene.

There's also an illusionary wall you can go through, try to find it and you will get a secret upgrade.

If you want to download the game then use the link https://agoodperson.itch.io/hanstale

This game is made by Timiport and AGoodPerson.

Have fun and make sure to votes!

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I may accidentally post spoilers in my comments, so be warned!

First off just want to you say you seem to be quite extensive at documenting and crediting your shared resources. So Props!

Also, since it's and RPG I'll be adding notes as i come across them, and adjusting the score as I play.

1) Minor comment: Maybe add a quarter second delay to movement after going up/down stairs, ladders, etc. Right now I can just hold the movement key and basically loop spam.

2) Item dialogues are super extensive, and since basically everything has a description, I now feel obligated to literally investigate and touch everything. I really hope since you bothered adding all these detailed descriptions that's there's loot to be found.

3) lack of text description on mirror seems like a lost opportunity to add depth to our main character.

4) You can press "E" anywhere prompting a "Hello World" base blank java text. This message probably shouldn't even pop-up if there's nothing specific to interact with.

5) You have more than enough landscape blocks to actually put physical obstacles in place. You don't need invisible walls. Please don't use invisible walls in RPGs ever :( Specifically, the area south of the starting town for starters.

6) Knocking back an enemy into another enemy greatly reduced the knockback to the point if there are 2 enemies in front of me in a single width area, I'm pretty much dead.

7) The mechanic for the 2nd boss is annoying, but once you figure out the trick it's manageable. There's an issue with the bottom left platform that causes me no damage when the first mobs are there, but then i take constant damage on the actual boss in that same platform. Seems like a bug.

8) The terrain for 2nd map is confusing, there are many places I think I should be able to walk but can't and places It looks like I shouldnt' be able to walk but can. It's pretty confusing. Sprites needs to be tweaked, and invisible walls removed.

9) Trying to beat 3rd boss right now, but its rough, but doable. This map seems solid, and the fight is hard, but not unbeatable.

10) 4th Boss is cancer. Even with upgrades, unless you pick the stamina recharge buff, it's basically unbeatable without the exact right combination of upgrades, I do notice that all of this attacks hit me if i'm close too him regardless of if I'm standing in the AOE or not. It seems he's got 2 big issues, the first is that he has no cool downs, there is a pattern he *usually* follows, be he can break it at any time. The second is that his attack hit box is much much bigger than the actual graphics on screen. Most of Dark Souls is easier than boss #4. I had to replay the game a few times to get the right skill combination to beat this boss. You have to lean into sword or bow you can't split the diff and stay balanced to beat boss #4.

11) It doesn't help that the 4th boss attacks me within 0.5 seconds of starting the level. Add a minor delay on mobs in a level to prevent this.

12) 5th Boss is balanced, hard, but not insurmountable.

13) I found 2 different endings. One that let me replay and keep getting buffs and stronger, up until i find my true reflection, and one that ended the game immediately. Not sure how many there are. If there are more than that, it would be a good place to integrate in badges. Not so much for the points, but as a pretty straightforward way to let players know there are multiple endings to this game. With so many games not having ending endings, you get props for having multiples. And once you get the "correct" combination of skill upgrades, the game becomes a lot more management.
14) I really wish there was a way to get up to the tree-house to the left of the village. It bothers me much to have a door I can't go through. XD

Nice Job!

Timiport responds:

Hello, thank you for your feedback on our game. We will adjust the game and fix the bug based on the feedback you provided. By the way, the mirror description will show up later in the game, it's part of the story. Again, we really appreciate the effort you put in to test our game and write down all the problems.

Good but it might be only me but if i talk to someone my game crashes this might be just me but good game overall loved the fx and aesthetics

Timiport responds:

Thank you for the support and feedback, we really appreciate it.

looks like something i'd play on my DS (doesn't mean its bad) good work!

Timiport responds:

Thank you for the comment and the inspire!

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2021
3:29 PM EDT