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1-Bit In Saw World

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Author Comments

1-Bit was transported to Saw World! (like the title suggests) Do sick parkour jumps and get to the end, watch out for buzzsaws though.

-Amazing parkour moves!

-Frightening buzzsaws!

-Pixel art!

Art, Code, and Sound all by me.

Just a small project to learn the ins and outs of Godot, as I've just moved from Unity to Godot.

Browser version wont work in the Microsoft Edge or Safari browsers, if you're using those then download the .exe version thats on my itch.io (linked in profile) and play it there.

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really good! reminds me of something you'd play on coolmathgames. jumps feel a bit floaty but it gives some nice controller over the jumps. definitely gonna follow!

Hello! Somehow i can type in the control section. I dont know if thats supposed to be possible. But i can write in it.
And i cant walk sometimes. The character is just sliding forward and i cant do anything until i click in the game (even tho i already clicked in the game before it happend).
Hope this helps! :D

The functionality is tight! Jumps are a bit floaty but I don't think it takes away from the experience per-sé.

Visually the saws were a bit unclear, I thought they were slimes at first so maybe that's something to take with you for a next project.
Also a nice way to give some variation is to put the saws on walls and ceilings and such, provides some different kinds of challenge for little to no extra development time.

All in all works, looks and sounds nice, the general atmosphere is great!

great platformer, reminds me of ritz the rat for some reason

First off I played this in-browser on Edge with no issues.

At it's essence it's a platformer stripped down it's most bare components, and there's something nice and refreshing about it. It's cute and short as tagged.

My biggest issue is it feels like a demo version of a game that should be 10x longer. Given the simplicity of graphics of the game, I dinked you a half star for how short the game is.


MOVEMENT - Controls are smooth and always appreciate a press-time based jump. W,A,S,D PLEASE!!

DIFFICULTY - I can tell you did some play testing for jumps and platform placements to block a few of the simpler moves to start to incorporate the needs for small, medium, and large jumps. Would really have liked to seen this carried out further. This is sort of the issue with these small/fast games is that the player and creator don't have enough playtime to really develop out progressively challenging levels. I dinked you a half star for low difficulty scaling. There are hints of some fun and challenging things in here, just enough to get my appetite wet, but not enough to feed my hunger. ^_^

ZONES - Since there's no fall damage, the game wants to sort of be stacked on top of itself. You have 3 clearly defined zones separated by insurmountable walls, the first zone has maybe a bit too many extra places that you just don't need to go. The second zone I think is really well developed as a cave system, although at the tight area with the 3 jumps, it's possible to get boxed in with no escape. I think you could justify making these areas like 3x to 4x taller, so if you fell too far you start back towards to the bottom. This would be a great way to have all these little clever extra spaces incorporated into the game without them feeling like wasted space.

JUMPS - Yes it's technically a platformer, but really it's a jump map. Which is great. It doesn't feel like it's related to "Fetch Quest" but I think you could look at that game for a few successful implementations of these really tall jump levels. Not really any elements for you to pull from there, but the height of the later levels is what I think this particular game needs.

FALSE PROMISES - I don't read the author's comments before I play because I like to see how self-explanatory and clear the game is by itself. So I played a cute little "llama" like critter platformer. I wouldn't say parkour, your character doesn't flip or twist on jumps, and you can't interact with the wall except by it smashing in the face and saying "nope...". After reading the author's comments I also saw the enemies being called buzzsaws. To be completely honest, I thought "electric slimes" And frankly your game is so stripped down (and that's part of it's charm) that you don't even need to identify them as anything. It's clear they bad, DON'T TOUCH! Yes I know the game is called 1-Bit in Saw World, but still, I call it like I see it.

ENDINGS - Lets be completely honest here, telling me to hit "R" at the end is kind of the lazy way out, lol. Even if it just has little fireworks and a llama eating cake saying congratulations, You have to have an ending and something happen when you touch that flag at the end. I dinked you a half star for no ending.

NEXT STEPS - On your next version of a similar game or if you make this one longer, I'd think about checkpoints once you get passed one of the major zones.

Also, I did a thing inspired by this game.

grain-of-rice responds:

I really appreciate the feedback and honestly am surprised this game even invoked such a deep analysis haha, I think that for the most part a lot of these critiques can be explained with the fact that this was just a short game that I made in order to learn the ins and outs of the Godot engine since I just switched from Unity to it. I also had an extremely strict deadline so a lot of the features I wanted to add I couldn't like a event happening when you reach the end. (also the parts saying "sick parkour" and stuff was sarcasm but I guess that doesn't show well through text) thanks so much for playing!

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2021
6:01 AM EDT
  • Godot Engine