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Author Comments

Battle in a randomly generated mountain with different biomes every few levels to make gameplay new and fresh every moment. Expect many areas and bosses with dozens of enemies and power-ups with a few secrets scattered around. There are also quests to complete which award you with cosmetics which you can also buy with in-game currency obtained by battling enemies.


If you encounter any bugs I strongly recommend playing on the downloadable version on itch.io -https://phildeveloper.itch.io/grapshot

Fullscreen mode is highly recommended since there are common glitches with UI on the small screen mode.

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Randomly generated can be a good thing or a bad thing. I ran into a bug playing through where the exit was unreachable, obviously that shouldn't be able to happen. Additionally, though not related to randomness I ran into several times when I would send out my grapple and nothing would happen the rope would stay fixed mid grapple, a bit of a problem.

Bugs aside there are a few other things that impact gameplay pretty severely that I wanted to address.

First, the timer, it is easy enough to lose life wandering around what are sometimes rather large maps without having to worry about the time running out and getting shot at by rockets. This takes away from the ambiance of the game and makes it feel almost pointless to engage enemies or do anything other than cursory exploring.

Second, why does the timer count up rather than counting down? Are we supposed to instinctively know that it isn't just a play timer? Honestly the best course of action is to just kill the bloody timer.

Third, I can understand the upgrade you get in the tutorial level not sticking around, but you should be able to keep other upgrades you get. Starting over literally from scratch every time makes it feel like you aren't progressing.

Fourth, on those same lines, you don't get to keep the crystals you earn. Again, it doesn't feel like you are progressing, I have never earned enough to buy any of the items in the store (and stealing didn't go well for me.

Fifth, the store, are we supposed to just know what these things do? You should add descriptions to store items. WIth the crystals available in the game it really sucks to have to guess what you are buying.

Sixth, health, it is really easy in a game set up like this to randomly collide with things that hurt you. It is also nearly impossible to dodge the monkeys shots (who also seems to shoot much faster than you). SO you can burn through health pretty quickly if you have an unlucky run. One thing that I have noticed is that the only way to restore health is to buy it (very expensive) from the store. I found zero upgrades (chests) or healing in the runs that I did. I understand that it is random, but gimme a break. I can understand it not being abundant but there should be some.

You may look at all of this and think that I don't like the game. However, I do, I genuinely do like the game. It just really needs some work to get where it needs to be to be really fun. I like that it looks like it is a pretty expansive game, if I was able to make it more than a couple of levels/areas in. I can only imagine that this will be a pretty excellent game when it is polished up.

Philplays responds:

Thanks for your great feedback! looking at this I feel really stupid that I didn't do some of the things you say, especially the timer counting up not down. Very useful feedback, thank you.

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2021
12:55 PM EDT