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Gray Death

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Author Comments

Last year sucked. So I decided to give this full-length, first episode game away for free. It is my gift to you.

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Gray Death is a linear horror themed puzzle platformer, reminiscent of classic games like Solomon's Key and Dangerous Dave. The 20+ levels are short but challenging. You can either shoot or avoid enemies. You'll need to search for supplies and ammunition. The game can be switch between 2D and 2.5D.


After weeks of searching for food and supplies, Gray returns back to the compound he helped build. Gray finds his friend Red dying from a gunshot wound and learns that a group mutinied and another fled.

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I definitely like the game. The title screen is very cool. The retro pixel artwork looks cool and even with the retro look, it still manages to be a little scary, but it has some major flaws:
- Some of the levels require extremely precise jumping (often times in quick succession) to the point where I've ended up restarting the same levels multiple times not because of enemy deaths (well, sometimes they'd get me), but due to falling into a pit because I didn't reach the platform or rope I was trying to get to. A game can have precise jumping and be well designed and fun, but I don't think your game is designed for preciseness. I've fallen off ledges when I know I pressed the jump button before falling, I've gotten stuck on a ladder (on the edge of some platforms bordering the ladders while trying to go down one) while trying to go down to avoid a fire ball or zombie. I don't know exactly how you would go about fixing this except for maybe slightly extending the hit boxes of either Gray or the platforms so he doesn't fall prematurely.
- In the later levels, having to wait for the earthquakes to subside becomes extremely annoying, especially when you have to replay them multiple times in a row due to the issue I mentioned before. Trying to go out from under cover during an earthquake is risky since the falling boulders are randomized and the player has a limited range of sight; you could end up jumping into a falling boulder or a boulder can simply fall on you before you have time to react.
- During the worm boss battle, I had multiple instances where I jumped to another rope, pressed the up button when I got in close, and the character didn't grab onto the rope.
- Due to the limited sight of the character in the game, there are times where you require the player to take a leap of faith, which can easily lead to them falling in a pit or landing on an enemy.
- Why are you forcing full screen mode on the player? Yes, you can exit out of full screen mode, but I think the game put you right back into it if you beat a level. Also, if you aren't in fullscreen mode, you can't use the up or down arrow keys without also moving the screen up or down; perhaps fix it so that, when the game has been clicked into, the arrow keys won't do this.
- I ended the game with at least 10 clips in my inventory. I was kind of hoping they'd be used for something.
Some suggestions:
- In the next part, maybe have some more complex enemies like humans. Maybe you have to sneak up on them to take them out to prevent them from shooting you.
- It seems like you made platforming the main mechanic of the game so I think it's really important to get the kinks worked out of the platforming.

I wish you luck in your future projects.

saltandpixel responds:

Hey thank you.. Many months later. This feedback is really good.

Very atmospheric game with nice pixel art. I enjoyed it a lot!

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2021
8:41 PM EDT