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Author Comments

20Time is a short, simple platformer.

This is my first ever game I've made, any criticism/feedback would be appreciated!

I hope you enjoy! c:

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I like the game (it's extremely good for your time making one). The player character controls very good (very tight controls) and the graphics and sprites are good (though try adding more sprite animation to the player character). Here's some advice:
- When the player beats the game and reaches the "Thank you for playing" screen, offer a way for them to go back to the menu so they can play it again.
- In the menu and pause screens, I'd recommend adding a sound control option, mute option (when your game has sound), a "return to menu" button, a "restart level" button (this helps if a player runs into a game breaking bug), a credits page, and if possible, an option to reconfigure the controls. Different countries have different keyboard layout so offering the player the ability to reconfigure their controls can help a lot (also this helps people with different dominant hands). Even if you can't offer control reconfiguration, be sure to have multiple buttons for the same function (in a lot of games, creators will map the jump button to keys like z, x, spacebar, j, k, w, and the up arrow). Mapping the dash button to the 1 or 9 key may not have been a good idea unless you were trying to frustrate the player with bad control key choices.
- This game would be perfect for secrets hidden in the levels. Secrets encourage exploration in games (and there were a lot of areas in the game that had the potential to be secret locations.
- As others have pointed out, include music and sound effects. You can find royalty free sounds on places like Freesound.com and you can find plenty of royalty free music online (Kevin Macleod makes a lot of good royalty free music, but don't just limit yourself to his stuff). You can also look through the Newgrounds audio portal and reach out to some of the music creator and ask if you could use their stuff. I think a lot of them would be honored to have their music used in a game.
- There are a number of times where I fell off the map and didn't respond. That's because the spikes you have hidden off screen to make the player respond don't cover all the areas where the player can fall. When you are designing a game (or at least when you are in the final stage of it), you need to examine it in a way that asks "okay, how can I break this game?" because that's what some players will do, whether they were searching for secrets or just accidentally did it. You need to place the map respawning locations in relation to how far a player can travel using the tools you've provided them; in this case, the double jump and dash functions make it so you can get pretty far.
- One thing of note about your game is that it had the potential to get really hard, but none of the levels really pushed the envelope so to speak. Game creator will often takes the mechanics of their game and design levels that push them to the limit, trying to get as much creativity and outside the box thinking as possible.
- If you were looking for some classic games on Newgrounds to draw inspiration from, just let me know and I'll happily provide you with some
- Don't put too much pressure on yourself to add all this stuff in at once. If you can, that's great, but it's a learning process so anything that's confusing now can be cleared up the longer you keep creating and learning.

I wish you luck in your future creations.

The game is pretty good for a first game, there are a few things that could be better though
- Introduce the dashing mechanic earlier and make more levels based on it
- Work on bettering the graphics a bit
- Stop character movement at the end of a level
- Make animations and the fading faster
- Add particles for when the protagonist dies or collects an apple
- Add music and sound effect because the game feels a little empty without them
Other than that, the game is pretty fun and enjoyable, hope you make more :D

Since you're not really going to update this game, I should say something for your future games.

- if your game has something unique (for example dashing as in this game), you should make it the main point since platformer is extremely overfilled genre. in this game dashing only appears after 10 or so levels, player could quit before they get to those, it would be much better if it appeared in 2-4 level.
- controls should be intuitive, and 1/9 is totally not intuitive, space/shift would be much better.
- graphics are messed up, things' pixels are often different sizes, main pixel art point is that pixels should be the same size

that's pretty much it, i only focused on downsides, but if it's actually your first ever game and you made all the graphics yourself, it's quite good.

Mizunil responds:

Thank you, I'll definitely take all of those into account!

This was pretty nice and fun, especially for a first game. I played it all the way through to the end. I think the difficulty picked up pretty nicely and the platforming was challenging enough to keep me engaged the whole way through.

A couple things I think could be improved:
Music and sound effects would help a lot in making the game feel more alive.

I didn't actually realize that dashes worked in the air until I had to use it in a narrow hallway, which could be a me issue but I felt it was worth mentioning. (Also, I think Z and Right Shift might be a more comfortable control than 1 and 9 for a lot of people.)

The most important one for me: The character drops like a stone if you're not holding the jump button. Towards the end it became less of an issue as I held my jumps, but at the beginning it was really disorienting. There was also an instance where I was getting an apple from a ledge and I couldn't see below me, but the character dropped so fast that I couldn't even begin to correct the movement in time.

But overall I think you did a good job with this and I think you have a lot of potential. Hope this review helped!

Mizunil responds:

I don't plan on updating this anymore, but this information has 100% definitely helped out! For my next future project, I'll make sure to watch out for the 'falling physics' more and optimize the key controls (as well as avoid the other issues).

Thank you for the review, feedback is always appreciated! c:

I wasn't a huge fan of the controls at first, but once I mastered them (and learned about the dash) the movement got really fun. I actually ended up playing it twice.

Mizunil responds:

Thank you so much!

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2021
5:19 PM EDT
  • Godot Engine