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Author Comments

Originally created for GMTK2021 Game Jam - Theme was "Joined Together"

you are a rat king—a swarm of vermin bound at the tail by filth and grime. your very presence is an ill omen. command your thralls, go forth, and feed.


WASD — Move

Hold Spacebar — Aim Rat

Release Spacebar — Launch Rat

Arrow Keys — Steer Launched Rat

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What's supposed to happen at the end? The game seems to lag to a halt once I have many dozens of rats and there are loads of dead farmers everywhere - I have way over the 20 it says I need for something to happen? The lag with very large numbers of rats makes it pretty unplayable but the concept is cool.

EDIT: ah, I now see there is a particular place you need to go (which isn't sign-posted!) before you get into the third and final level, where you need to kill the dog-master. He's a pain to kill but it's possible to do it if you figure out a good route past the dogs.

The actual "thank you for playing" ending is very abrupt. I don't like how pressing R for restart doesn't restart the level (or bring up a level select option) but starts you back at the tutorial level again! Trying to kill the dog-master is tricky and if you're running out of rats it's easier to just restart the level, at the moment the only way to do that is by deliberately killing yourself (which to be fair, doesn't take long). At no stage did I really get used to the rat-aiming. Moving the rat once it's launched is fine, but the aiming stage seems to start at random, often oscillates only between a limited set of angles (if you're in a tight spot this means sometimes you can aim only one roughly in one direction or another opposite direction, and it's random which of these two options your aim-swing goes between) and it isn't easy to see which direction you're aiming, particularly if you've got a lot of rats.

Even after many tries, the second stage takes too much of a spike in difficulty; I couldn't get past it. The visibility could be improved; even at the maximum brightness for my pc, it was hard to see where I was or if there was a wall. Still, the art, the aesthetics and the music are really sweet and charming. The concept of the rat king is very cool and promising. There are various things to improve, but what's already there it's pretty good. Keep up! :)

This is pretty fun! Only critisism would be how at times the squeaking of the rat ball and the attacking rats can become pretty annoying. Solid concept.

bokononyossarian responds:

Thanks for the feedback, uploaded a new build with these sounds toned down quite a bit.

It's a fun and interesting concept. I'd fix the ear bustingly loud noise that plays when you boot up the game though.

bokononyossarian responds:

Thanks for the feedback; just uploaded a new build with that fixed!

Pretty fun but sometimes the farmers spawn behind your own spawn point
Also, they spawn WAYYYY too fast. I have like 30 bodies on the ground and still cant get 20 rats.

bokononyossarian responds:

Thanks for the feedback, just uploaded a build with the spawn timers increased a bit.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2021
3:12 PM EDT