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Stay awake, young mom

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who's mother hasnt made sacrifices to support her family at least once? watch this young mom struggling to help her family.

tbh i didnt even followed my own fucking advice, but well, i did it at the end

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Awwwwww how heartwarming. That's the cutest Newgrounds outro ever.

I come back to watch this entry in particular because of how adorable I found this animated video being executed.

For future animations, I would heavily recommend prioritizing the audio, since the meat of an animation relies on it.
- I found that the voice acting was lower than the music a few times.
- During the part where the mother fell onto the pizza, it was a little too much on the volume, so consider the audio next time :)

Aside from those issues I personally had, what you executed is very impressive considering the time crunch you had to do this. Wonderful message with a cute executed video.

newgrounds de todo, para todos

i like the story a lot.

Absolutely love this, really resonate with the storytelling and message.