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FILM GELCH: ROCK GOD(award winning)

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FELCH GELCH gets his pants pulled over his head for uh not wearing supreme merch and this is how he chooses to respond

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urrmmmm ummmmmm urrmmm haha*burp hahahahahahaha urmrrmmmm

Jeez pretty existential start there.


www-auggy-gov responds:


Next time, before you put Van Darkholme in another one of your videos, I suggest you learn to recognize a reference to his most famous scene in all of his acting career in your comments before you think someone is bullying you.

Now, now I'm bullying you. You're a silly goose and a poser. Don't put references to things you don't actually understand.

Nice job on the guitar animation that was pretty dope.

Oh and uh, get out of that jabroni outfit.

FelmG responds:

FUCKING SLAVES hahah thats my fav warts your fav brosalina??? I bets its the one were he goes elbow deep in that irish guy and finds a biiiiiiiig pot o gold and then the irish guy goes "HOUYTEETOOUYTEE ME POT 'O' GOOOOOUUUULDDDD!!!!!!" and then cums fucking buckets all while being collected in a biiiiiig mason jar to be used as the grand start to a MLP cum jar :)

lmao wtf