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Another 120 Days - Prologue

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Please enjoy the prologue, or the "pilot" episode of Another 120 Days. These five hussies will be the main characters of the first story arch that takes place in a boarding school just outside of Paris. 

It is a story inspired by the Marquis de Sade's The 120 Days of Sodom, which he wrote in 37 days while imprisoned in the Bastille. Fun place to write an erotic novel.  Coping mechanism? ;)

This project is in its infancy, but we got grand plans for it which will take years to realize. But for now, all we wanna do is to invite you to string along with us as we dive deeper and deeper into the lives of these hussies, and the circumstances they will find themselves in.

And for those of you connoisseurs familiar with the source material, Adaline is basically madame Duclos.  


Enjoy the show! - Music by Kirill Echkenko - Download hi-rez version

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Credits & Info

Jun 10, 2021
11:51 PM EDT