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SuperHot2D: Editor Beta

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Time only moves when you do. Kill all of the enemies and reach the exit platform!

This game has been in my backlog for a while, but I haven't gotten around to designing the levels for it so it's just been collecting dust. I'm quite proud of the mechanics/level editor, so I've decided to release the editor as a public beta! Feel free to toy around in the editor and design your own levels! If you've got a neat level and think it could be a good adventure mode level, submit it using the link below! There are ~20 slots available, so may the best levels win!

Also, if you find bugs or have ideas for features, be sure to mention them in your review!


Keyboard & Mouse:

  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to throw gun/held object
  • Spacebar to pass time


  • Left Stick to move
  • Right Stick to aim
  • Left Bumper to snap aim to nearest enemy
  • Right Bumper to shoot
  • Y Button to throw gun/held object
  • A Button to pass time

There are colored keycards that open their corresponding doors. Touch them to collect, then touch the door to unlock it.


  • WASD to scroll around level
  • Left click to draw tiles, right click to erase
  • Press the ~ key to exit levels or level editor preview
  • Editor items are drag and drop. Press q or e while grabbed to rotate item


  • Adventure mode is in need of levels. Think yours is good enough to be featured? Submit it here!


  • If you have a tasty banger (drum and bass, house, etc) that would fit the game, shoot me a PM with a link and I'll consider including it!

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I love this! However, a few things I've noticed:
-Pretty sure you can't punch the enemies, which makes running out of weapons a death sentence
-The character cannot fit through one block wide gaps, even when tilted sideways. This is not exactly a flaw as much as it is something I personally think would be cool, but still
-As stated before, It is impossible to turn solid objects back into non-solid ones
-Why is there a big red button? It spawns in on every game and cannot be gotten rid of. What are you, small friend?
-The screens are a bit small? Obviously coding a scrolling screen would be hellish, I don't expect that, but there are so many keycards and doors, and barely anywhere to put them

Lots of love though dude, this game looks like it's gonna be awesome with a bit of tweaking!

hey can the kunai's kill enemys

larrynachos responds:

yeah right click to throw

1) I'm having an issue turning a tile designated as solid, into NON-solid, and then back again. At some point, I had drawn a 90x90 map as solid, and I couldn't go back and change my paths to non-solid.

2) One thought is the initial designation of solid/non-solid wall unit shouldn't be locked in until we play a level. Specifically, the first thing that happens when you "load" a level is does a check for and apply solid/non-solid. Or all blocks are non-solid, and we have to "paint" them solid.

3) At the very least, we should be able to delete or reset a placed block. If we can walk around on the default white board, which by default is non-solid, then, since we can freely change this type of non-solid block, we should be able to do it every time.

4) From a map-builder's point of view, a general minimap, or at least a button to view the overall would be helpful. Even if it's not for use for in-game play.

5) A quick toggle button to let us view everything in maybe a 3 color mode. White for unassigned tiles, Gray for assigned tiles that are non-solid, and Black for assigned tiles that are solid. This would help tremendously with pathing issues.

6) A few more Blocks. here are some ideas 6a) One with vertical stripes for stairs to go left/right, 6b) one with horizontal stripes for stairs to go up/down, 6c) a blank unassigned block. 6d) a couple more "wall" blocks that are basically less textured than your gravel/grass blocks. 6e) a water block, 6f) a sand block.

7) A check upon level saving that checks to ensure if you've placed a door or key, you also have the corresponding colored door or key in the level. (this just saves you a lot of headaches in error checking levels).

8) Some way to tell the overall map size, we those of us that use graph paper can map out things.

9) I think the Flood fill tool is a great idea, where it floods all attached non-assigned boxes with the currently filled. This tool would have to correspond with the additional of a blank block. This way we could start off automatically with flood filling the entire map with black or ground, then using the blank block with flood fill to carve out paths and walls quickly and effectively.

10) I think the enemies could use some work. I'd almost prefer enemies that attacked the player based on a "line of sight" or proximity mechanic. It'd definitely make the levels easier to plan.

- Seems like a neat tool, but it's fairly cumbersome to get around in in it's current iteration, specifically, the tool has a lot of features, but with the help of some navigation upgrades, it could be substantially easier for people to make epic levels.

larrynachos responds:

Left click to place tiles, right click to erase them. There are two tile maps, solid and ground. The checkbox selects which on you're editing.

I made one of the tile maps darker. But the 3 color mode is a good idea, I'll try to implement that!

The enemies do operate on line of sight, but with a wider cone because if you walked behind them they just kinda gave up the search.

I guess an editor zoom would be a good function, but things get pixelated to the point where they're unrecognizable very quickly.

I think I set the map to unbounded scrolling, so the level might be infinite.

Great ideas, great feedback, helpful as ever :) Thanks!

Is there any way to remove walls that you build?

larrynachos responds:

Right click

Well, there's a lot of bugs in this game as the other person mentioned. Although there's this one bug that annoys me.

Whenever I load my level or complete it, all of the keycards just disappear. It's kind of annoying since my level requires the player to get all the keycards to complete it. At first, I thought that I didn't add my keycards to the level. But when I checked it, it just disappears.

Well if you see the level I submitted, Green Keycard goes to the top, behind the 2 enemies in the dirt wall, Red Keycard is in the middle of the 2 enemies below the large button, and the Blue Keycard goes behind the southeastern most person in the pond.

Other than that, and all the other bugs others have mentioned, this game is definitely a good one. Also, Google Chrome is the browser if it helps.

larrynachos responds:

Keywords aren't saving? Hmm, I'll have to check it out, thanks for the heads up!

Edit: I've double checked the code and tested, and my keycards saved and loaded as normal. Very strange :(